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Forum for Ethiopian Scholars & Professionals (FESP) 13th Conference 

Colloquim on Political Culture and the Challenges of Transition in Ethiopia Call for abstracts and papers 

Call for abstracts and papers  - Ethiopian Scholars conference

 May 10 2024 

The Board of the Forum for Ethiopian Scholars and Professionals (FESP) is pleased to announce  that its 13th conference will be held in hybrid (in person & virtually) form on August 3 & 4, 2024.  It will run concurrently with Taste of Ethiopia’s 10th annual cultural festival in Denver Colorado.  The main theme of the conference/colloquium is the contextual reexamination of the link between  political culture and transition. 

The literature states that “the building blocks of political culture are the beliefs, opinions, and  emotions of the citizens toward their form of government.” The term transition in turn means different things to different people. In this call for papers, we retain the thesaurus meaning of “a  change or shift from one state, subject, place, to another.” The United Nations documents that  national dialogue as an instrument for resolving “political crises and lead countries into political  transitions.”  

Terms like ሽግግር and/or ጊዜያዊ , respectively transition and provisional, are not new in the Ethiopian  political lexicon. Furthermore, since our establishment in 2015, over 250 notable scholars,  professionals, social critics, activists, religious leaders, representatives of youth and women,  former cabinet ministers, and the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia, have used our forum to share  their viewpoints on transition. A careful review of the themes of the twelve conferences, especially  the last three, indicates that no transition agenda, including the Ethiopian National Dialogue, has  been unexplored. Notwithstanding these and other efforts, the size and complexity of the conflicts  have increased. Between April 2018 and now over one million people have died in the Tigray war,  the permanent cessation of hostilities agreement (COHA) is fragile, new armed conflict has  emerged in second most populus region (Amhara region) and the conflict in Oromia region has  persisted. Cross country economic and public governance indices are showing deteriorating trends.  The United Nations, U.S., donor agencies and rights organizations have continued to document  that the country is facing crisis in multiple (climate, economy, governance, humanitarian, peace,  and security) fronts. Added to the domestic problems is the emerging geopolitical dynamics in the  Greater Horn of Africa Region.  

FESP is looking for manuscripts that would contextually and dispassionately re-examine the role  of political culture in transition. Authors need to ground their work on policy literature and generate a focused/actionable policy response. The forum is for a new policy dialogue at national  level, not intended for advocacy and/or activism, however important the cause may be. Authors must make a dispassionate analysis of the stubborn issues of transition in the much touted HDP (humanitarian, development and peace) nexus.  

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