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Amhara Genocide Myth or Fact?

Ethio Chronicle

The Abiy government heartlessly denies the existence of genocide victims, including innocent children, simply to protect its image and evade accountability. Many children have been abandoned and left to endure unimaginable suffering after losing their parents and relatives in the most gruesome ways imaginable. They bear witness to the darkest aspects of the regime’s rule, silently enduring neglect and exploitation, hidden from view. Stripped of their families and support systems, they face unspeakable abuse and exploitation.

It is absolutely crucial for the global community and humanitarian organizations to unite urgently. We must collaborate to provide these neglected children with the vital support and care they desperately need. Together, we can develop sustainable solutions to alleviate their profound suffering. Each of us has a moral duty to ensure their voices are heard and their plight is addressed with compassion and urgency. Their survival and well-being depend on our collective action and unwavering commitment to justice.

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Chronicle YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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