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“Window of Forgiveness” (Emebet Mengiste)

Window of Forgiveness


“Window of Forgiveness”, a short love Story, written by Emebet Mengiste is a phenomenal fiction, that effortlessly weaves its magic in just 140 pages. The love story at the core of the narrative unfolds seamlessly, with each page resonating with authenticity seizing the reader’s attention from the very first page and leading the reader through an emotional journey.

Emebet Mengiste’s choice of words is simple yet powerful, contributing to the story’s accessibility and ensuring that readers remain focused on the lives of the characters and the tales being told. The author’s skillful narration weaves a tapestry that keeps readers engaged without losing them in unnecessary complexities.

Within the exploration of emotions, “Window of Forgiveness” introduces a profound perspective. The main character, serving as the narrator, reflects on a lifetime of experiences, highlighting that love surpasses all other emotions and behaviors. The transformative nature of love becomes a central theme, showcasing its ability to govern happiness and sadness, calm anger and frustration, and even erase resentment, hate, and revenge.

The novel serves as a testament to the idea that love’s forgiving nature is unparalleled. It offers readers a glimpse into the unlimited capacity of love to forgive in a man’s life. “Window of Forgiveness” underscores that forgiveness is not just a potent antidote to emotional ailments but also a solution to some of life’s most significant problems. In a world where forgiveness can be elusive, this story stands as a poignant reminder of the profound healing and transformative power that love can wield.

Emebet Mengiste has previously written and published Five Other books. Her talent is not limited to Novels, as she is also a talented poet.

Residing in the United States, while preserving her memories and cultural heritage from Ethiopia. Her dual cultural experience is evident in the ideas and perspectives woven into her writings. In her latest book, “Window of Forgiveness,” she manages to show this fusion of Yin and yang. The narrative unfolds into a soulful, Soul-tie love story, only beginning with a simple: “Are you habesha?” question. Through her skillful storytelling, she not only highlights the forgiving nature of love but also creates a nuanced exploration of her dual cultural identity.

Amharic version is available HERE


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