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Four people killed in flooding in the capital Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Flooding _ Ethiopian News
The flooding in Addis Ababa on Monday (Photo : social media)


Toronto – On Monday, Four people were killed in flooding in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. 

The City’s Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission has confirmed the news on its social media update.  However, it did not release further information including which part of the city the accident happened and the identity of the victims. 

Also the number of victims is not verified from other sources.

The department seemed to have linked the accident to an urban planning issue. ” it is known that the city administration is working on identifying unplanned riverside constructions that are vulnerable to flooding and fundamentally resolving the problem durably through [construction] that are planned,” said the update from Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission.

The division also called on  residents to implement alert messages from  ” the city administration and Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission.” It is however unclear if the Division sent out an alert message to residents regarding the flooding on Monday that claimed the lives of four residents.  


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  1. May those who lost their lives to this nature’s calamity rest in peace! When I was reading similar tragic stories that took place next door in Kenya and Tanzania I hoped it will not migrate to the old country. Now for all of us who are fortunate enough to live safe here in the West, it is that time when we should all shine. We should band together and help those who are adversely affected by this disaster. This many not be the last one and we should expect more torrential rain in the months to come since that country is heading into its rainy season. Let’s do this!!!

  2. My Dear Horn of Africans,

    I know we are tied with the politics of the region which is understandable. But there is a disaster of historic proportion is afoot for East African brothers in Tanzania. There is a very violent hurricane is heading to its eastern shores with metropolitan Dar Es Salaam in its cross hairs. It will then move inland from there and its outer bands can devastate Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and even our old country. Let’s all pray that the hurricane will weaken and dissipate before it makes landfall. I have watching this storm for a week now. So far more than 250 people have died from just torrential rain that drenched Tanzania and Kenya last week. All these countries have been sitting on their laurels for not being prepared for such natural disasters. Can you tell me any one of the Horn of Africa countries that has meaningful preparedness for major earthquake? None of them, right? But they are sitting on an active tectonic plate. It gives me the willies thinking if a shallow earthquake of 5.5 or higher scale hits major cities like Addis/Finfine, Asmara, Dire Dawa and Djibouti or any other major cities. A countryman once told me earthquake used to be considered in issuing building permits in the capital during the late Emperor’s time. But once commies and their offshoots began ruling the country that was sandbagged and ‘Workers of The world Unite’ and ethnic politics have been all the rage. They took over the mantle of running the country and they have doing every thing in their demonic arsenal to run that gem of the colored to the ground.


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