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The Alarmingly Dehumanizing Conditions Obtaining in the Awash Arba Military Camp & the Plight of Amara Prisoners of Conscience Held there

Christian Tadele (left) and Yohannes Buayalew (right) – some of the prisoners of conscience

Translation from Amharic into English


Assefa Negash, M. D. 
25th of April 2024 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

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The Awash Arba military camp is located 214 kms south east of Addis Ababa. This place is close to the Awash River and is surrounded by wild animals and unmarked graves. The temperature at this place can exceed 47 degrees Celsius. This place is currently a center where Amara prisoners dotted in every nook and crannies of Ethiopia are locked up under the State of Emergency Law that is euphemistically peddled as Law Enforcement (ህግ ማስከበር) by the incumbent goevernment and the the media it monopolistically controls. The prisoner who related the following testimony was captured in August 2023 under the State of Emergency Law (SEL). Officially, the SEL has been imposed on the people living in the Amara regional state by the incumbent regime. The SEL has made it easier and legally justifiable to harass Amaras who live not only in the so-called Amara regional state but also on all Amaras who live in all parts of Ethiopia. The ex-prisoner gave the following interview upon his release from this notoriously dehumanizing prison. I have taken the liberty to translate the recorded interview from Amaric language into English. I have done this in order  to bring to light the plight of millions of Amaras who for the last 10 months have been officially subjected to an all-out, full-scale war. This genocidal war is exacting heavy toll on..

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  1. This cruel treatment of prisoners no matter what they are accused of, is the gross violation of the Geneva Convention and should exposed and condemned in the strongest terms possible. Why do they have to be taken to a military training base? From what I have read about their incarceration, they were not captured during battles. If this story of gross mistreatment of prisoners is vetted and confirmed, I will be holding every official involved in the savage act and those that it is happening under their watch. What I’ve been hearing for quite some time now is such horrible mistreatment of prisoners is common in Oromia region also. There a group of thugs come in at night and mow down people they suspect working for the government then when the sun is up regional and federal forces come into the same town or village and shoot those they think are members/sympathizers of the thugs. It is a predicament citizens live with in both Oromia and Amhara regions.


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