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Letter to the Editor : Abi Ahmed’s idiocy

Abi Ahmed _ Ethiopia
Abi Ahmed

By Emnet Yohanns

According to the Pretoria agreement, you stated that you had disarmed the Tigray military and began a war in the Amhara area, stating that you would disarm the Amhara in the same way as I disarmed the troops of the Tigrays. By this occurrence, Tigray forces penetrated the Amhara region. Consider what may happen if the Amhara trusted you and handed up their weapons.

You launched a conflict in the Amhara area, claiming you would disarm the Amharas. Your deception was revealed in daylight

Your administration lied about disarming Tigray soldiers under the Pretoria agreement and initiating a war in the Amhara region to disarm the Amharas. 

Tigrayan army, armed with firearms and Heavy military armor, stormed the defenceless Amhara cities.

If you enable the TPLF to overrun and enter Alamata and Raya cities, your administration will bear the brunt of the residents’ agony and persecution.

It will cost your government the agony and persecution of local residents.Arming Tigray’s warriors, feeding and caring for them, and fighting with other Amhara people has turned militias and federal forces, as well as federal security agencies of high-ranking government officials, against your administration. This behaviour is causing Ethiopia’s government to crumble extremely quickly.


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