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An Ethiopian Opposition Party Demands Abiy Ahmed’s Gov’t To Disarm TPLF

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Berhanu Nega, leader of Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party (EZEMA). (Photo : FBC/file )


Toronto – Two days after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) launched a full-fledged military invasions of Raya Alamata  where it controlled all the areas that have been described as “disputed,” displacing tens of thousands of residents, A major Ethiopian Opposition party is blaming Abiy Ahmed’s government over how the TPLF is behaving. 

Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party (EZEMA), in a statement released on Thursday, said “While the TPLF is a “party” with no legal recognition from the National Electoral Board which has the authority to register and govern parties, it has become the only entity with its armed forces and continues to terrorize and disrupt the nation’s peace.” 

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Parliament, in May 2021, designated TPLF as a terrorist organization after it attacked first the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force and then launched destructive military campaigns against Afar and Amhara regions. 

EZEMA confirmed in its statement news stories that have been making headlines in Ethiopian News outlets (except state-owned ones). It said  TPLF took control of controversial areas against the Pretoria Agreement with a thinking that it can get away with what it wanted through the barrel of a gun. 

Noting that citizens and residents are subjected to displacement and harassment for the fourth time as a result of TPLF which overlooks the price paid for peace,  EZEMA said the government ( Abiy Ahmed’s government) failed to give due attention that matches TPLF’s traitor behavior. It said TPLF should have been disarmed in accordance with the Pretoria Agreement. 

It also blamed the government that the government failed to act against TPLF when it was dissolving the unconstitutional special forces in regions. In a recent revelation, the Tigray regional interim president Getachew Reda said that the TPLF has 270,000 armed combatants.  

“So long as this group [TPLF] continues to be armed, we will not have peace as a country,” said EZEMA. It underscored that the government should immediately disarm the TPLF. 

Furthermore, EZEMA said what it called negligence, failure to discharge responsibility, and carelessness on the part of the Federal government as it relates to acting on the TPLF is “very saddening” and some that “we condemn vehemently.” 

EZEMA wants Abiy Ahmed’s government to prioritize dealing with the arrogant and above-the-law attitude of TPLF as it would be crucial , as it said, for peace in the country. 


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  1. It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Parliament, in 2021-2024, designated Fanno as a terrorist organization sponsored by the diaspora after it massacred the most revered people of Oromia and then launched terrorist attacks against residents of Finfinne and Debrezit. . (Source: Borkena)

    The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA) is globally known for its terrorist and genocidal ideas and acts that give rise to massacres in Ethiopia.
    Leaders of the TPLF and gallant TDF fighters have been striving to overthrow the murderous prosperity party in Ethiopia on behalf of all Ethiopian nationalities. They were prepared to give up everything and sacrifice their lives, but you opted to support the regime that is committing genocide. The price of your own enslavement to PP and animosity toward the people of Oromia and Tigray is now being paid by Amharas. The elites of Amhara produce nothing positive. Starvation and massacre are the brainchild of the Amhara elites. Many youngsters have perished because of Dr. Berhanu Nega, leader of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA). He must not be walking freely in the streets. He and Abiy Ahlmed are mad dogs and deranged men on the loose.
    Colonel Abiy Ahmed and Shaleka Birhanu Nega must be locked up within maximum security pens . They are all enemies of Amhara, Tigray, Welayita, Guraguae, Oromia, and all nationalities.

  2. Is EZEMA really an independent party????

    The “esteemed Professor”, Birhanu Nega sounds more and more like the “esteemed General” Birhanu Julla.

    Birhanu Nega is more like a side kick, an accompaniment, an accomplice, an aide, an ally ,an amigo, an assistant an, associate , a chum , a cohort, a colleague,a comrade in arms, a consort , a crony, a friend , a pal , a partner a, playmate and sancho of abiy the butcher.

    Opposition party, birhanu nega???????? NOOOOOO, HE IS NOT!!!!!!! 🙂 :). 🙂


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