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TPLF took control of all “disputed areas” militarily. Listen to Dr. Sisay Mengiste


Toronto – Two days after encroaching on Raya Alamata areas, the TPLF now took control of all the areas that have been described as “contested” South of Tigray. Deputy President of Tigray region administration, Tadesse Worede on Tuesday said that an agreement has been reached with the Federal government to remove Amhara administration in “contested areas.” There are reports of retaliatory killings that TPLF undertook in the area. Tens of thousands have been displaced and found themselves in Kobo and Woldia when the Federal or regional government have not made arrangements for emergency aid including shelter.

The Federal government has not remarked about the latest TPLF military adventure. The Amhara regional state on Wednesday issued a statement announcing that the TPLF has started a full-fledged invasion of the Amhara region, and called on the “international community” to condemn the TPLF. The “International Community” with the leadership of have been regularly in touch with the TPLF – including by traveling to the Tigray region regularly, and it is unlikely that they were unaware of TPLF’s move – if they have not already emboldened it.

Take a listen to Dr. Sisay Mengiste’s view of the latest development.

Video : embedded from Yegna Tube YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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