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Ethiopian  gov’t refuse to release bodies of killed Fano leaders 

Abenezer and Nahusenay _ Ethiopian News
Nahusenay (left) and Abenezer (right) (Photo source : BBC Amharic)


Toronto – Ethiopian government refusing to release the bodies of the Fano members who were killed in a shootout last week in the capital Addis Ababa. 

The parents of Nahusenay Andarge and Abenezer Gashaw have been trying to get the bodies of their sons in Addis Ababa but without success. “It is very tough for a mother,” said Haregewoin Adugna, Nahusenay’s mother, as cited by BBC Amharic. 

Elsa Solomon, Abenezer Gashsaw’s mother, came to Addis Ababa a day after her son was killed. Sher reportedly told BBC Amharic that she has been experiencing ups and downs only to get the body of her slain son. she still did not get it. 

The bodies are said to be at St. Paul Hospital in  Addis Ababa. 

“It is saddening ; he is a young boy. my only son. What can I do? it is very hard,” W/o Elsa said. 

Nahusenay’s mother on Monday went to Addis Ababa police commission to inquire about her son’s body but she was told that it is a Federal  Police Jurisdiction but when she headed to the Federal Police the answer she got was “It was Addis Ababa Police that should have addressed this ; why did you come all the way here?” 

Abenezer’s mother has similar experience.  

BBC Amharic said it reached out to Federal police.  Jelan Abdi, Communication Affairs Director, said  that it is Addis Ababa police that should deal with it.  

From other news sources, government fear that the burial of these popular fano leaders in Gondar -where they are from – could be a security concern for the administration 

Last week, the Ethiopian government announced that three members of Fano were found “operating [in the capital] with the aim to undertake terrorist action and they were not willing to surrender when security forces asked them to. They opened fire on police and wounded two police members. “

The Ethiopian government labeled Fano forces as “extremists” but the parliament did not designate the group as “terrorists.”  Fano forces supported the federal government during its war against Tigray people’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Background to the conflict in Amhara region 

War between Fano and Amhara forces officially started in August 2023 as Abiy Ahmed’s administration moved to disarm Fano Forces. During the two years war the federal government authorized Fano forces to own guns they seized in the fight against TPLF forces.

The Pretoria agreement ended the two years war between the TPLF and Abiy Ahmed’s Federal government. The core arrangement in the agreement  was for the former to disarm its combatants. It did not happen. Abiy Ahmed’s led Federal government appeared weak or unwilling to ensure that TPLF forces are disarmed.  It was against this background that the Federal government wanted to disarm Fano forces in Amhara – a move that triggered resistance to it. Fano forces claim existential threats – mostly from extremist radical ethnic Oromo forces who are now believed to be within Abiy Ahmed’s administration and Oromia regional state. 

Amhara forces are also threatened by TPLF extremists. During the two year’s war the TPLF invaded the Amhara region three times, and still has “territorial claims” which western powers seem to support.  Last month, the administration in the Tigray region announced that it has over 270,000 armed combatants. 


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