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Eritrea announces border demarcation with Ethiopia 

Eritrea Ethiopia Border


Toronto – In a statement released on Friday, Eritrea’s Ministry of Information announced that the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea is “demarcated for the last time in a way that will never be  changed.”

The statement said that the border between the two countries is based on the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission Decision. it is a “property recognized and legally confirmed boundary,” it said. 

“Unless there exist violations of law between Eritrea and Ethiopian peoples or Eritrea and Tigray peoples, there is no other issue that could cause conflict,” the statement added.  It is unusual for the Eritrean government to make a distinction between the Ethiopian People and Tigray People and it is unclear why that is the case now. 

Furthermore, Eritrea said, as reported by Wazema Radio, that Ethiopian People drew lessons from the border war between the two countries which caused extensive destruction.  The two-year border war that was fought about two decades ago is said to have claimed more than 80,000 lives from both sides. 

Ethiopia and Eritrea did have a no-peace-no-war relationship for two decades after the war. It came to an end when Abiy Ahmed pursued what appeared then as a new policy of making Eritrea a friend. The relationship between the two countries is not as good as it appeared in 2018 after Abiy Ahmed’s government made claims about access to the Red Sea in what many interpreted to be a political strategy to deflect increasing opposition to his administration at home. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MFAE) has not yet remarked on Eritrea’s announcement. Recently, there have been accusations against Eritrea that it “incorporated” part of Irob community as part of Eritrea dividing the small community into two.  


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  1. If this alleged demarcation is based on the 2002 decision by the Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Commission(EEBC) which both countries pledged to honor, then it may hold water. I remember the late foreign minister of Ethiopia applauding the decision on the day the EEBC made it public. Then the same minister later came out to decry the verdict as ‘totally unjust’. That was followed by a ‘no war-no peace’ stalemate with their guns cocked at each other’s face for two decades. Then the 2018 peace dance was held both in Addis/Finfine and Asmara with intoxicating fanfare to the joy of millions. One got The Nobel Peace Peace from the dance and concerts but the other one was snubbed. I was madly pleased by the peace overture but with reservations. I was not sure if both countries’ have the stomach to bring the EEBC decision to fruition. My opinion is both countries have to honor the 2002 EEBC decision. No single Ethiopia or Eritrea young man/woman should lose his/her Allah blessed life on this anymore. Eritrea should hand over every inch of land that Ethiopia was awarded by the EEBC verdict and Ethiopia should do the same. No more stupid war between these two fraternal people.

    Now, this was announced at the time when the fate of our old country is at its worst. It has an issue with its neighbor to its south. Except Kenya and Djibouti, we can’t say the rest are reliably stable. Bigots are wreaking havoc internally both in Oromia and Amhara regions. These two regions are the center backbone of the country. Leaders in Asmara know this very well and what an opportunity for their move!!! It shows there is still a strong sense of ‘revenge’ in them that the current generation does not deserve.

    May we all monger peace!!! Insha’Allah!!!

  2. I went to the Eritrean Ministry of Information website and I could not find the statement in the English language section. I can’t locate the Arabic section either. It may be in their national language of Tigreyan. I would appreciate it very much if the dear editors of this esteemed website translate that into the English language and post it so we can real all about it.

    Thank you and blessings!!!

  3. The terrorist regime of Eritrea must be out of Ethiopian soil, and the deranged leader of the genocidal terrorist Prosperity Party must go to the ICC and be locked up The terrorist regime of Eritrea must be out of Ethiopian soil, and the deranged leader of the genocidal terrorist Prosperity Party must go to the ICC and be locked up

    Dear Ittu Aba Farda ,
    As per your request, please find the article you were seeking below. It has been posted here for your review and for those who would like to read it. This article was taken from the Eritrean Ministry of Information website and translated into English using the advanced Google online translation engine.

    The title reads “ንልክዕ መረዳእታ” For better Understanding
    Last Updated Apr 13, 2024

    “On this very day, April 13, 2002, the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Commission issued its binding and final decision under the Algiers Agreement. There are hiccups that pop up every now and then in the speech of the accustomed analysis, and have been suppressed recently. On this occasion, it is important to correct misconceptions.

    “Border-triggered war?”

    When the TPLF officially declared war on the Eritrean people in May 1998 with huge subsidies and incentives from outsiders, there was no war declared on the part of Eritrea. The TPLF workers have spent a lot of time christening their big goal as ‘border dispute’ – and misleading the naive.

    Their unfulfilled desires were not hidden. The goal of the war was to destroy the Eritrean Defense Forces, enter Asmara, subdue the Eritrean people, recruit spies, establish a representative government, organize a sub-national divisive politics where the Eritrean people ridicule each other, and economically destroy Eritrea It was a reality. And the TPLF tyrant, with his narrow mind, the messenger chosen by the owners of this great cause.

    To achieve this goal, the border-justified invasion was immediately extended to the entire border before it led to a legal and peaceful solution. Economic and military sanctions were imposed on Eritrea, a coordinated diplomatic and news campaign was launched, and huge funding was poured into the country to create political persecution. But everything . . . . . . . . !

    “An unfinished business?”

    There are many idiots who pretend that there is something unfinished on the border issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The border between Eritrea and Ethiopia, however, has been marked once and for all in a way that even an earthquake doesn’t change(ዶብ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ግን፡ ሓንሳብን ንሓዋሩን ምንቅጥቃጥ ምድሪ እውን ብዘይቅይሮ መገዲ ተመልኪቱ’ዩ።). The Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Commission in November 2007 approved the more than 1,000 km. He defined the extended border in detail by geographical points, mapped it on 45 maps, handed it over to both countries as well as the UN Security Council, and completed the work with a copy kept in the UN Cartography Unit for public reference. Today, the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is the clearest and most legally documented border in the world.

    “What about another subject?”

    There has been no issue or issue of conflict between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia or between the people of Eritrea and the people of the Tigray Region except violation of the law. The people of Eritrea, who have vast resources of land, sea and islands, have a clear principle – we do not want what is not ours and we do not give what is ours. As the saying goes, “An inheritance to her husband in a thousand years,” time has come to its conclusion. The people of Ethiopia have learned a great lesson from the external issue that has caused so much death and destruction.

    “The Golden Values of Struggle”

    The values of the people of Eritrea, which foiled this evil conspiracy, describes the words of President Isaiah as follows: “I will not be terrified by force and intimidation”, “I will not be swayed by schemes and sloppy”, “I don’t worry if it is narrowed, I will not tire, I will not tire, my sweat, my blood and my life. I will not give up,” “I will not give up until I reach my goal.” These values, beyond belief and promise, are the root of the character of the Eritrean people and their heroic army. Owner of proud values, always a successful people!

    Journal Editorial Board
    The terrorist regime of Eritrea must be out of Ethiopian soil, and the deranged leader of the genocidal terrorist Prosperity Party must go to the ICC and be locked upንልክዕ-መረዳእታ/

    • To Whom It May Concern:

      Thank you very much for posting the translated statement by the Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I hope it will not trigger raw emotions that can lead to another stupid and destructive clash. Enough with that. Not a single Eritrean or Ethiopian young man/woman should lose their Allah blessed lives on something that can be solved amicably. I can envision correctly that if the people of these two nations work together in peace, the sky will only the limit for what they can achieve for themselves and the world.


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