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Urgent call to save Eritrean lives in Tigray

Prime Minister Dr. Abby Ahmed and Tigray regional administrations

Re: Urgent Appeal to Assist Eritrean Refugee in Tigray/Ethiopia.

We, the undersigned, Human Rights Advocates, Partnering Eritrean Charity Organization (PECO), express our deep concern regarding the critical situation facing the Eritrean refugees in Tigray/Ethiopia, particularly in the regions of Adi Grat and Shire. These refugees are under severe hardships, including necessities such as food, shelter, medicine, clothing, and dignity. Their safety issue with ongoing political turmoil in Tigray exacerbated their dire circumstances.

The recent price hikes and inflations due to the turmoil in the region have increasingly made it difficult for the Eritrean refugees to obtain necessities. Additionally, the impact of the drought in Tigray has further exacerbated the situation, with even local citizens struggling to access food, especially in urban areas. This has made it incredibly challenging for our Eritrean refugees to survive and, maintain a minimum standard of living.

Besides Adi-Grat and Shire, many Eritrean refugees are scattered in the rural areas of Fasti, Axum, Adwa, Wuqrp, Eda-Arb, and Sheharo. The numbers are staggering, with approximately 1200 individuals in Adi Grat, 1300 in Shree, and an additional 1000 spread across other areas. It is worth noting that this count does not include the refugees in Mekelle and Kuha.

Tragically, we have lost an estimated 77 refugees over the past two years due to severe shortages of medicine and food. The impact on children is particularly heart-wrenching, many are unable to attend school because of their parent’s inability to support them. The desperation has driven some girls and mothers to engage in undesirable activities for survival.

Their safety issue with ongoing political turmoil in Tigray exacerbated their dire circumstances. Daily abduction of Eritrea refugees for ransom, had increased tremendously. Especially, in the Adwa and other regions of Tigray/Ethiopia. Human trafficking is a daily routine They have been sold and exchanged as goods. Many innocent Eritrean families, including women and children, are becoming victims of abduction for ransom. We call upon the Ethiopian government and local Tigray authorities to ensure the safety of Eritrean refugees. These Eritrean families should be treated humanely and with dignity.

We are concerned that UNHCR in Adi-Grat, Aby-Addi, and Axum, with almost 70% of the UNHCR employees have been let go because of the shortage of funds. As a result, the services provided are minimal to none. Urgent actions are needed for their safety and to restore hope and dignity to their shattered lives.

Committee of Human Rights & Humanitarian Aid Organizations:

  • African Missions Empowering Network (AMEN).
  • National Representative Council for Eritrea (NRCE-GIE).
  • Eritrean Coordination for Human Rights (ECHR).
  • Eritrean Humanitarian Organisation (EHO).
  • Eritrean Relief and Development Association (ERDA).
  • African Women Empowerment & Information Centre (AWEIC)
  • Africa Monitors. • Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR).
  • Eritrean Diaspora in East Africa (EDEA).
  • Foundation Human Rights for Eritrea (FHRE).
  • Bright Hope for Human Rights Support and Services Association
  • Surbana
    On behalf of Partnering Eritrean Charity Organization (PECO)

Ghebre Bahdurai, ( Mr. G. )



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