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Anti-riot lieutenant reportedly deserted to Fano forces, with 100 troops 

Anti-riot _ Ethiopian News _ Gondar
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Toronto – Meseret Baye, who is said to be a lieutenant of anti-riot forces deployed in the South Gondar area of the Amhara region reportedly deserted to Fano. 

According to Ethio News – a local news outlet channel on social media with credible sources in the Amhara region – the incident happened this week. The commander deserted with 100 well-armed troops.  

The source cited Meseret as saying many more have the same intentions, and that it will inevitably join Fano Forces. 

The Ethiopian government has not yet remarked about Anti-riot forces who deserted to Fano in Gondar. For the past few weeks, the Ethiopian Defense Force has been making recurring claims that it has weakened the Fano Force to the point that it can not undertake a conventional military operation. It remains a question, why desertions – including from the Ethiopian Defense Force – happen if Fano forces are losing military ground. 

On the contrary sources like Ethio News indicate that Fano Forces have grown much bigger over the past nine months – since they started military resistance against the Federal Defense Force.  It is also reported that they are now in control of more areas in the Amhara region. However, there have been concerns related to the organizational structure. There are voices, as reported by Ethio News, who make a point that the lack of a single and effective leadership structure could make the Fano struggle pay unnecessary sacrifice and make the struggle longer time than it should to attain its objective – reversing existential threat against Ethic Amhara and join other Ethiopians to form a just system whereby citizens are not reduced to second class in any part of the country. 

On Friday this week, three FANO leaders undertook what Fano forces described as an operation in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Police said it killed them during a 45-minute military shootout in the Bole neighborhood.  However, credible sources with links to Fano indicate that the Fano leaders who were involved in the operation in Addis Ababa took their own lives after taking the lives of three government forces.  The intended target was said to be a government official but more detail is unavailable at this point.  On the other hand, the state media aired video footage of Nahusenay soaked in blood and he was still breathing. 


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