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Nahusenay – Fano  Rebel Leader – killed after shootout in Addis Ababa


How a Fano leader who was leading forces in fronts that is more than 800 kilometers happened to be in Addis Ababa is unexplained 

Nahusenay Fano leader
Nahusenay – was among the leading Fano leaders operating in Gondar


Toronto – Nahusenay Andarge , a prominent Fano leader who was reportedly operating in the Gondar area of the Amhara region of Ethiopia, was reportedly killed on Friday. 

He was killed in the capital Addis Ababa after a shootout with security forces. The exchange of fire lasted for about 45 minutes, according to sources.  

There are conflicting reports about how and under what circumstances the Fano leader was killed in the heart of Addis Ababa. 

Initially, Addis Ababa police shared an update on its social media page regarding the incident. What it said was that it had information about “extremists” planning  to carry out “terror attacks.” 

Furthermore, it said that the police made a move to arrest the “terrorists before they carry out their terrorist activity on Maizia 4 [April 12] in Bole Sub-City Woreda 3 near Millennium Hall.” Police went on to say that the “extremists” refused to surrender and opened fire using a Suzuki Vehicle with plate number 2C 14373 Addis Ababa. 


The result was, according to the police account, Nahusenay was wounded and taken to hospital where he died, and Abenezer Gashaw was killed during the shoot-out. Habtamu Andarge was captured without any injury.  On the part of police two officers – Sajin Ararsa Teshome and Mathias Petros were wounded. Another individual who is identified as Endashaw Getnet was also killed. Police said the “extremists” were trying to force him to give them a ride. 

A statement released later in the afternoon, this time from the Joint Task Force for Security and Intelligence, said Nahusenay Andarge and Abenezer Gashaw whom it called “members of the extremist group leadership and member” were killed in an exchange of fire. Another member whom it identified as Habtamu Andarge Tesema is in custody. 

“The Joint Task Force for Security and Intelligence will continue the action it is taking against the extremist group that is operating clandestinely in Addis Ababa,” The statement added 

The Task Force alleges Nahusenay of recruiting youth and coordinating training through financial and logistic support collected from domestic supporters and from abroad. 

It also alleges that “members of the extremist force” had been undertaking different activities in different sub-cities in Addis Ababa to launch “terror attacks” but “they were not outside of the Joint Task Forces’ watch.” 

However, there is a different account of the incident. According to sources – who are sharing stories on social media- Nahusenay took his own life rather than surrender after fighting security forces to the end. And these sources indicate that at least four Federal Police Commanders were killed during the operation. And two others were wounded. 

The police claim that it was aware of Nahusenay’s presence in Addis Ababa and was just waiting until there was a move to launch a “terrorist act” is questionable given the fact that hundreds of thousands of ethnic Amhara in Addis Ababa are arrested only because of their identity.  There is also a report that police already mounted a crackdown in the capital Addis Ababa targeting ethnic Amhara but borkena was unable to confirm this from additional sources. 

Meanwhile, Nahusenay Andarge and Abenezer Gashaw are being celebrated as Heros among Ethiopians. Nahusenay’s picture is trending as a profile picture of many Ethiopians on social media. 

Fano forces have not yet released a statement regarding the incident. 

Politically active Ethiopians and analysts remark that the death of Nahusenay will inspire many more millions to join Fano forces and battle against Abiy Ahmed’s regime. 

Although the Ethiopian Defense Force is making claims that Fano is weakened and that normalcy is restored in the Amhara region,  there are indications that Fano forces are more armed and in control of many parts of the Amhara region. Video footage regularly released on social media purportedly show hundreds of thousands of captured government forces and hundreds of thousands of newly trained forces. 


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  1. There you have it. I’ve been worried for quite a while that it would be just a matter of time before the violent that has been wreaking havoc in rural areas of both the Oromia and Amhara regions reaching the capital. Many sizeable cities in Oromia are very quiet and stable now but you can’t say the same in the Amhara region. Whether it is for a ‘good’ cause or not, the rebel groups in those two regions are said to have hundreds and may be thousands of fighters under their command. I’m not preaching doomsday here but one of these days these groups may be able to carry out a successful and deadly operation in the capital. That would be tantamount to create panic more than to achieve any gain militarily. That would be nothing but terrorism. So it is my advice that those of you here among our Diaspora to think it through thoroughly before traveling to that country. This is not a good sign. If the citizens in the capital are terrorized with rampart violence then the fate of the country will be on the balance. Such terrorism should not be condoned and must be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

  2. Good reporting, but the the phrase “hundreds of thousands” refers to an amount or a number between one hundred thousand and a million. So it should have been written “Video footage regularly released on social media purportedly show hundreds [or] thousands of captured government forces and hundreds [or] thousands of newly trained forces.”

    • Freedom is not free and has never been! Abiy and his cronies rake a havoc and blood shed on peoples lives in the country side with their unchecked, unbalanced, unquestioned dictatorial government power. They wear their suit and tie, put on lipstick and Vaseline on their faces and use ethnic, religious, and other evil to consolidate power and rule with hate and vengeance on Amhara people. They live in the city. Where the hell do you think the war will go to? You ain’t gotta be a genius to figure that it will be on their damn doorsteps until Fanno ties their hateful hand behind their backs and whip them on their ass until they atone for their sins and beg for forgiveness . Terrorism is what the government is doing with mass arrests, summary executions, abuse of the so called law…Yes, thousands of government soldiers are captured, dead or running after giving their weapons to the Fanno forces like the coward they are. The government soldiers know their cause is wrong, except for some Oromo extremists, and they are fighting against their will. This is a very minute small beginning of what is to come! Nahunsenay is a manly man with big nuts and there are infinite many where he came from, wait and see! Victory to FANNO and the blood of heroes like Nahunsenay will flaw in the eternal resting place of our fathers and forefathers reminding cowards like Abiy that they can not and will not take anyone’s right and freedom.

  3. In his 1787 letter to the son-in-law of John Adams, William Stephens, one of the Founding Fathers of the USA, and her third president William Jefferson wrote his immortal quote:


    abiy ahmed is a tyrant. This sick, megalomaniac and sociopath deludes himself that he can stay in power by suppressing freedom of speech, defiling the moral fabrics of a society and denying justice and freedom to his perceived and imaginary enemies, and suspected threats to his beloved throne.

    መግደል መሸነፍ ነው ብሎ ጥሩንባውን ሲነፋና የህዝብ ጆሮ ሲያደነቁር የከረመው የበሻሻው ሰገጤና ጥፍራም ፋራ: ይሄው ስድስት አመት ሙሉ ሲገድል ሲያስገድል ኖሯል::

    የአእምሮ ድንኩ እና የሊቀ ደናቁርቱ አብይ አህመድ የኦሮሙማው ህገ አራዊት የዥንጆሮዎች ስብስብ በአሰራሩ አሂጋዊ ነው : ፀረ ህዝብ ነው: ፀረ ነፃነት ነው :: አብይ አህመድደንቆሮ ስለሆነ ሃሳብን በሃሳብ ተሟግቶ ማሸነፍ ስለማይችል: በህግ ፊት ቢቆም በንፁሃን ደም የተጨማለቀ: በአዛውንት ሽማግሌዎች አባቶች: እናቶች: ህፃናት ሰቆቃና ልቅሶ ያደፈ የጨቀየ እጁ ስለሚጋለጥና ስለሚበየንበት ፍርድን : ፍትህን : እውነትን አጥብቆ ይፀየፋል: ይፈራል: ይደበቃል!!!!

    It has now become crystal clear to the international community that a madman, a megalomaniac and a sociopath is running amuck in Ethiopia. This mini hitler wanna be butcher needs to be contained in a box and restricted from causing any more havoc in Ethiopia in particular, and the Horn of Africa, in general.

    Let’s delve further. Is it ever possible in abiy’s Ethiopia to have institutional checks and balances ??? We challenge any supporter of this regime to show and demonstrate how, in a country where let alone the average citizen, even members of parliament are stripped of their constitutionally protected right, it is possible to have ascendancy of the rule of law and due process?????????


    ****Article 63**** of the current Ethiopian constitution states:

    Immunity of Members of the House of Federation
    1. No member of the House of the Federation may be prosecuted on account of any vote he casts or opinion he expresses in the House, nor shall any administrative action be taken against any member on such grounds.****.

    The fate of Christian Tadelle, a member of the House of Federation, an outspoken critic, brilliant politician and critic of the oromumma regime is now in the dungeons of the tyrant abiy, the butcher. Christian was imprisoned for 8 months, having been denied due process in violation of specifically stipulated Bill of Rights in the current constitution of Ethiopia which Abiy and his Oromumma sycophants bark about day in day out, ad nauseaum.
    *******Article 17
    Right to Liberty
    1. No one shall be deprived of his or her liberty except on such grounds and in accordance with such procedure as are established by law.
    2. No person may be subjected to arbitrary arrest, and no person may be detained without a charge or conviction against him.*****

    In its Feb23, 2024 excellent expose, Reuter’s divulged the existence of a secretive shadow committee of the Abiy regime that essentially has been responsible for the extrajudicial killings and imprisonments in Ethiopia.
    “These interviews and documents for the first time shed light on the workings of the Koree Nageenyaa – Security Committee in the Oromo language – which began operating in the months after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018. The committee’s existence has not been previously reported.”

    No abiy sycophant or oromumma cadre of grandeur of illusions and delusions can ever goo the Ethiopian people about how due process and rule of law, and the peaceful transition of power can ever be possible in Ethiopia with abiy around.

    Logic now is leading every thinking soul in Ethiopia to the inevitable conclusion that the despot must resign and be held accountable together with his accomplices.

    Anybody who attempts to gloss over these realities on the ground, or who attempts to hoodwink, distract and cloud the important acknowledgment that cannot be denied is definitely morally and ethically deficient. The only minority group that entertains that delusion are oromumma zealots and paid sycophants and opportunists of the regime and moles of abiy and his Oromumma pp’s grandeur of illusions and delusions.

    Abiy is a toxic individual that is an impediment to any further progress and reform in the legislative, judiciary, executive branches of government. His toxic megalomania has further corrupted the last vestiges of the traditionally venerated Religious Institutions in Ethiopia, which were already in a precarious state from 30 years of assault by the TPLF dominated EPRDF clique. The morals, fabrics and ethics of a society are being shredded by cadres and religious imposters of the Abiy Oromumma drunk pp.


  4. Another young man, the entire world ahead of him, is needlessly gone. Those of you here among our Diaspora, who have been fanning the flames of death and destruction from your safe and comfy homes, all I can say is shame on you. You send your children to schools, dance lessons and birthday parties here but you incite the youth of that country to go after each other’s throat over there in the old country. This happens in both Amhara and Oromo communities here, in Europe and Down Under. The truth of the matter is most of smart aleck flame throwers know the fact that guns will never produce the desired results of peace, stability and justice. You know that 100%. If that is enough for you, I heard that some of you are trying to profit from this tragic loss by asking members of our community for donation in the guise of helping the grieving families. Shame, shame on you!!! What I tell members of our communities is if you need to donate the grieving families, do it directly to them. I heard the families have opened a direct deposit accounts inside that country and you should wire your donations to those accounts. Our Diaspora has become a den of faceless scammers. They hold fund raising concerts and rallies .to help’ Fano and OLA and rest assured that they will take a big cut to line their own pockets before they do anything else with it. I hear many disgusting things about you scammers! You must be ashamed of yourselves.


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