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How Daniel Kibret justifies his support to Abiy Ahmed


Toronto – Once a respected blogger on social matters – among other things, Daniel Kibret, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s advisor on social affairs, is now as unpopular as Abiy Ahmed, if not worse.

He got there after he repeatedly demonstrated a penchant for opportunism by justifying Abiy Ahmed’s policy measures including one that led to the massacre of thousands of innocent civilians.

In his latest interview with the state-owned Television, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC), he justified his support to Abiy Ahmed.

He said three things emerged in the last six years. 1)”Multinational Ethiopia emerged as a dominant thought” 2) “The concept of sovereignty emerged to mean something beyond territorial integrity” and “self-reliance” 3) Knowing Ethiopia’s resources. He made numerous assertions including one that “Ethiopians did not know one another” apparently before Abiy Ahmed’s government.

He used a metaphor to make a case for his support to what is now unpopular government Ethiopians are trying to topple. It is to be either an “Aeroplan” or a “river.” He even equated his boss Abiy Ahmed to Emperor Menelik II.

Watch in interview (in Amharic)

Video : embedded from EBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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