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Ethiopia’s ruling party support rally in Addis Ababa 

Ethiopia Ruling party
Support Rally in Addis Ababa (Photo : Fana BC)


Toronto – One of the findings from the ruling Prosperity Party evaluation after it plunged into a legitimacy crisis was weak response to the “propaganda” against the government. 

Over the past few months, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had what appears to be a carefully planned “discussion” with different “community representatives” from different parts of the country with a noticeable urge for aggrandizing his achievement as  the leader of the ruling party by demonstrating his point that “Ethiopia is on a prosperity path.”

“Representatives”  from North to South, East to West , “Religious leaders” and opposition political parties (although several major parties declined to attend)  from all congregations have been made to see the prestige projects in Addis Ababa on which his government has been spending heavily amid economic misery and even starvation. And then it became like a ritual for the “representatives” to start their speech during the “discussion” with the prime minister in his office for several weeks. 

The meetings were videotaped, meticulously edited and aired in the state owned media outlets in a way to make a point that the Prime Minister is working hard to ensure Ethiopia’s prosperity and deserves support. At times the prime minister told “representatives” to go and preach in their community when they say they admire what the prime minister did in the capital Addis Ababa. 

In what appears to be a culmination of the ruling party’s public relation campaign to recover legitimacy, a support rally was organized in the capital Addis Ababa and Southern Ethiopia where there is no active rebel activities. 

Government media reported that the rally was organized with the motto “We will stand together for the prosperity of our country.” Considerable number of people turned out to the rally at Meskel Square but the Prime Minister had to arrange a visit to Rwanda ,on the same day, where he was not greeted by President Paul Kagame upon arrival at the Airport. Later, he tweeted on X thanking President Paul Kagame for his hospitality. 

Addis Ababa police this afternoon released a statement after the rally indicating that there was no security incident during the event. 

Whether the rallies held in Addis Ababa and some other cities would help recover the legitimacy Abiy Ahmed’s government once had before Ethiopians figured out the true nature of his government is something that will be seen in the weeks to come. 

In November 2023, opposition parties and activists organized anti-war rally to demand Abiy Ahmed’s government end war in Amhara and Oromia regions. Addis Ababa police prohibited it and arrested organizers.


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  1. Mengistu’s derg regime too used to have rallies at the same square. THESE ARE ALL USELESS THEATER OF THE ABSURD. The abiy oromumma regime is toast. The despot has been and is being contained in a box by the international community, he has lost legitimacy both at home and abroad. His oromumma cadres masquerading as respectable diplomats are being kicked out, and he is ostracized.

    እንዲያው ላይቀርለት ወዲያ መሽቀንጠሩ:
    በህዝብ ብሶት ትግል መመንጠሩ::
    ይወራጫል ይላላጣል ተቀብዝብዞ:
    እንደአበደ ውሻ በበሽታው ተመርዞ::


  2. “Prime Minister had to arrange a visit to Rwanda ,on the same day, where he was *not greeted *by President Paul Kagame upon arrival at the Airport. Later, he tweeted on X thanking President Paul Kagame for “his hospitality””. Borkena
    Abiy Ahmed is known for his preposterous falsehoods and never ceases to amaze Ethiopians with his ingrained propensities for deceit.

    ——————————–Abiy Ahmed must step down and be locked up—————————-


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