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Echoes of Injustice: The Persecution of the Amhara and Ethiopia’s Cry for Freedom

Christian Tadele

By Essayias Bezabeh

In the heart of Ethiopia, a story unfolds that mirrors the darkest chapters of history, where power is wielded with ruthless indifference and voices of dissent are silenced under the guise of law and order. It is a narrative that deserves more than a fleeting glance, for it speaks of the systemic persecution of the Amhara people by the Abiy regime, a tale not of fiction but of harrowing reality.

My journey into this story began with the words of an Ethiopian Parliament member named Ato Christian Tadele. He, alongside fellow Amhara members, found themselves ensnared in a web of illegality spun by those sworn to protect them. Their abduction and subsequent imprisonment by government forces were not just a violation of their parliamentary immunity but a stark emblem of the tyranny that now grips Ethiopia. Listening to Ato. Christian recounted the ordeals faced by him and his peers, and a sense of overwhelming grief washed over me. Their treatment was not just inhumane; it was a desecration of the very essence of patriotism and an affront to human dignity.

In the solemn chambers of a court, where the echoes of justice should prevail, the heartfelt plea of Mr. Christian, an Ethiopian Parliament member, resonated with a haunting familiarity. As I listened, his words became a bridge through time, connecting the plight of the Amhara people to the cries for freedom that have reverberated through history. His testimony, marked by both despair and defiance, reminded me of those who, in the face of tyranny, chose to speak when silence would have been safer.

This episode is but a microcosm of the larger tragedy befalling Ethiopia under the current regime. Arbitrary arrests, trumped-up charges, and a judiciary compromised to serve not justice but the whims of the ruling Oromo elite have become the order of the day. It is a crisis that transcends political affiliations, striking at the heart of Ethiopia’s cultural and historical identity.

Among the myriad accusations levied by the regime against its critics, one stands out for its audacity and baselessness—the alleged imposition of “Amhara values” on the Ethiopian state. This charge not only seeks to marginalize a pivotal ethnic group but also to criminalize their cultural and historical significance. The question posed by Christian in court, “What are Amhara values?” echoes in the silence of those unwilling or unable to speak. It challenges the narrative concocted by the regime and calls into question the very basis of their legitimacy.

The persecution of the Amhara, emblematic of the wider ethnic targeting within Ethiopia, requires a response that transcends borders. It is a call to the international community and to Ethiopians around the world to stand in solidarity against the injustice and brutality perpetrated by the Abiy regime. Silence in the face of such atrocities is not neutrality; it is complicity. There is an urgent need for global actors, human rights organizations, and individuals of conscience to come together to demand the release of political prisoners, advocate for a genuinely independent judiciary, and put an end to ethnic persecution.

The path forward for Ethiopia is fraught with challenges, but it is a path that must be walked with resolve and unity. The international outcry must be loud and clear, insisting on accountability, transparency, and the restoration of human rights. The resilience of the Ethiopian people, their rich cultural heritage, and their unyielding spirit of resistance against tyranny are beacons of hope in these dark times.

As we stand at this critical juncture, let us remember the lessons of history—that the fight for justice, equality, and dignity is universal. It is a fight that demands our collective action and unwavering support for those who suffer under the yoke of oppression. Let the story of Ato Christian and his fellow Amhara parliamentarians serve not as a testament to despair but as a catalyst for change, galvanizing us to stand in defense of the rights and freedoms we hold dear. The time for action is now, for the sake of Ethiopia and the future of humanity.

Let us draw inspiration from these historical echoes, for they remind us that the spirit of resistance against tyranny is unyielding. Christian’s plea is not just a cry for help; it is a call to arms for all who cherish freedom, justice, and human dignity. It urges us to stand in solidarity with the Amhara and all who suffer under the yoke of oppression, to lend our voices to their cause, and to join them in their quest for a world where justice prevails and freedom is not just a dream, but a reality for all.

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  1. Abichu, the quintessential international leader, a colonel, a prime minister, chairman of oromumma, a pastor, doctor, a Renaissance Ethiopian DaVinci, a polymath, የስነምግባር ተምሳሌት የዕውቀት ፋኖስ Abichu, the quintessential international leader, a colonel, a prime minister, chairman of oromumma, a pastor, doctor, a Renaissance Ethiopian DaVinci, a polymath, የስነምግባር ተምሳሌት የዕውቀት ፋኖስ

    The plights and tribulations of these PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE are unbearable to the ears. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHY THE oromumma despot, mass murderer and sociopath and his cronies SHOULD REMAIN AS A REGIME FOR ONE SECOND MORE!!!!!!!

    Despot abiy ahmed MUST RESIGN NOW!!!!!

    These gross violations of the human rights of the perceived opponents and rivals of the regime and persons or groups of people perceived resistant to so called oromumma hegemony CONSTITUTE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND MUST BE EXPOSED IN THEIR ENTIRETY TO THE GLOBAL, INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.

    Reuter’s has already done a fantastic expose on Feb 23, 2024 about the secretive Koree Nageenyaa brutal political apparatus of the abiy oromumma regime, that deprives Ethiopians of the very fundamental and inalienable right of all human beings: THE RIGHT TO LIFE.

    Victims of these unconstitutional, extra-judicial massacres of perceived enemies of the abiy mafia group include high ranking officials of the former TPLF regime, regional and federal officials in the Amhara region and countless individual citizens across Ethiopia.

    The illiterate, sociopath and psychopath abiy ahmed THINKS he IS ABOVE THE LAW. The theaters of the absurd of this desperate maniac trying to lengthen his ironclad hold on the people he wants to subjugate, dehumanize, dispossess, and disenfranchise by any second should no longer be tolerated or glossed over by any decent human being.

    A red line has been crossed by this mini-hitler wanna be dictator and fascist, and his sycophantic accomplices.



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