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HRW Confirms Extrajudicial Executions In Amhara Region, Underscored Importance Of UN Inquiry 

Human Rights Watch ( HRW) - Amhara region Ethiopia


Toronto – Months after horrific mass executions in Merawi town, Amhara region of Ethiopia, the Human Rights Watch on Thursday published a report confirming the executions. 

It emphasized the need for an urgent UN inquiry to  “End Impunity for Abusive Commanders.”  In February 2024, the European Union and the U.S. government called for an investigation into the executions. 

“The Ethiopian military summarily executed several dozen civilians and committed other war crimes on January 29, 2024, in the town of Merawi in Ethiopia’s northwestern Amhara region, ”  Human Rights Watch said in its report. 

Borkena report at the time – citing local news sources and human rights organizations – indicated that at least 45 civilians were summarily executed following an intense battle between the Fano force and the Defense Force. Ethiopian Human Rights Council report indicated the number of civilians killed in the executions is 89.  The Defense Force and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration denied it. 

The HRW report has confirmed that the executions happened after Fano forces withdrew from the town. It said :

‘Early in the morning of January 29, Fano forces attacked a contingent of Ethiopian soldiers in Merawi, about 30 kilometers south of the Amhara regional capital, Bahir Dar. The Fano fighters then withdrew, leaving the town to the Ethiopian federal forces. During six hours, Ethiopian soldiers shot civilians on the streets and during house-to-house searches. Scores were killed, mostly men, but also women. The soldiers also pillaged and destroyed civilian property.” 

Furthermore,  Human Rights Watch highlighted the need to investigate the execution in Merawi. It said, “The United Nations and African Union should consider suspending new deployments of Ethiopian federal forces into international peacekeeping operations until commanders responsible for grave abuses are held accountable.”

The Amhara region of Ethiopia has been under a state of emergency since August 2023. The military operation that Abiy Amhed’s administration officially launched in the same month was initially intended for a few weeks. The stated reason was “disarming fano” forces. However, multiple human rights reports from the country and abroad have confirmed that hundreds of civilians have been killed in the region through extrajudicial executions, drone attacks and artillery shelling of civilian targets. 

The full Human Rights  Watch report is available HERE


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  1. When I read sad reports like this it just boils my blood in anger. Such barbaric retribution on innocent civilians started with Mengistu and it has been in the work manual for every regime ever since. When some one associated with a regime is killed or hurt, then the regime sends its death squads and take it out on unarmed civilians. It is happening now both in Amhara and Oromia regions. Innocent and peace mongering civilians are being victimized by both the regime’s forces and those fighting it. I am being told that civilians in Western Wallagaa are living like walking dead. They have resigned about thinking if they will live to see the day tomorrow. Fatalism is now deeply imbued in the psyche of the civilians there. What they are not sure who is going to sniff the lives of their Allah blessed bodies. Will it be the region’s special forces or the dreaded ‘liberation army’. I am being told that the same dark cloud exists in many parts of the Amhara region. When I read a story about the field marshal telling us all that the regime’s military drone’s never targeted civilians, I was telling myself like may he was misinformed by his staff or he is misinforming up. Don’t take me wrong. I have respect for the patriot but I was very disappointed by him for saying that. With bigots among us fanning the flame already raging in both regions, I don’t know how this deadly and agonizing predicament will come to an end soon. For now all I can do is go down on my knees and pray that Our Creator The Merciful will somehow once again do his miracle and save his blessed people. Woe! Woe!! Woe! My Beloved People!!! Woe!!!!

    Meanwhile, I am holding both sides in the stupid conflict responsible for drop of human blood of the victims. This is not just ordinary murder but a patented crime against humanity. You heard me right. A patented crime against humanity.


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