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Ethiopian PM “discussion” with political parties


Toronto – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been having what he calls “discussions” with different groups. The latest one was with Ethiopian opposition political parties.

As reported earlier this week, about 13 major opposition political parties declined to attend it.

As was the case with the previous discussions, Abiy Ahmed exploited the meeting with political parties primarily to paint his leadership as one that is working tirelessly to ensure the prosperity of Ethiopia.

Some of the political parties hailed what he has been doing and were just asking questions related to fair distribution of “development.”

He was also asked about issues related to accountability, an end to ethnic-based politics, and the political space in the country.

“The political space should not be narrow. It should not be too wide to the point that we can not control it either,” Abiy Ahmed said in addressing questions related to political space in the country.

He addressed the questions in a way to paint an image that he is working to “change Ethiopia, agriculture and tourism.”

Watch the video below

Video : embedded from Fana TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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