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Prosperity Party, TPLF embarked on political dialogue 

Prosperity Party _ TPLF _ Mekelle
Prosperity party leaders and TPLF executives in Mekelle on Tuesday April 2, 2024 (Photo : TT)


Toronto – Ethiopia’s ruling party and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) on Tuesday held their first political dialogue. 

According to a Wazema Radio report,  Adem Farah, deputy chairman of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) led a delegation to Mekelle on Tuesday and held a political dialogue with the TPLF.  The two sides have also reportedly reached an agreement to regularly meet for a political dialogue. The arrangement is said to be part of the Pretoria Cessation Hostility Agreement (CoHA) that was signed in November 2022.  Days after the agreement the TPLF denied that it did not take part in the Pretoria talk and did not sign an agreement. 

Abraham Belay (Minister for Defense) and Alemu Sime ( Minister for Transport and Logistics) were part of the delegation to Mekelle where they met with Getachew Reda, president of the region’s Interim government and TPLF executive committee. The political difference between the ruling party and TPLF is cited as one of the factors that contributed to the deadly two years war between the Federal government and TPLF that is believed to have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. When Abiy Ahmed threw the now-defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition with its “revolutionary democracy” political ideology to form the new Prosperity Party, TPLF officially declared difference and parted ways from the Prosperity Party in 2019.    

It seems like Abiy Ahmed’s government has exercised caution for the political dialogue not to sound like one that is between two political parties. On Monday, the Prosperity Party announced that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed Adem Farah as Head of the Democracy Building Centre while retaining his Deputy Chairmanship position. 

There have been rumors that Abiy Ahmed’s government has made the decision to hand over Wolkait and Raya areas to the TPLF. But the government denies it and it has been saying that its position is for a referendum to take place after displaced people are returned. In the meantime, new reports indicate that an agreement is reached with the TPLF interim government to disarm militia forces in the Wolkait area. Authorities in Wolkait have not made any disclosure about it at the time of this writing. 


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  1. Dialogue must always be advised, counseled and when it happens must always be commended. And it is about time. Give and take and not ‘you always give and I’ll always take’ is the art called compromise. Such overture has proven to be productive that created greatest nations. For the short-sighted it may feel painful but for the wise positive dividends are not out of sight. Lasting peace, stability and the ultimate outcome, progress will immediately follow. I say this to both sides at the dialogue table. Bravo, bravo countrymen! History will be ready to forgive for the utter destruction and bloodshed of the past if you bring lasting peace and stability to your beleaguered citizens. Make war a taboo! Make peace and you will be blessed!!! God speed!!!!!

  2. simple arrangement – time to hit and demolish Amhara once and forever..this is what the two blood sucking evil goons are discussing a 4th round of war against Fano and the Amhara people whom they hate so much. God has willed the strength of FANO and the Amhara people will never bend down to these two cabals and dirts of history


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