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Arada Hibret – A Political Movement Focused on Addis Ababa – now official 


Toronto – Arada Hibret, A Political Movement Focused on Addis Ababa, now official. Information published on its website indicates that it has been operating for a year now.

Who is behind it and what are the goals it seeks to achieve and for more information, read the information below that organizers sent to borkena. 

Arada Hibret


Arada Addis Ababa Children’s Alliance – is a political movement established by Addis Ababa children to answer the political questions of the people of Addis Ababa. A year has passed since Arada started its political struggle, and in this one year, it has successfully carried out grass-root mobilization work. The main cause of the multifaceted suffering and loss of existence that is happening to the people of Addis Ababa is political. Arada believes that the people of Addis Ababa have been exposed to the oppression, suffering and general danger of existence as the basic human rights of self-government and political power and representation have been taken away from the people of Addis Ababa since the day the constitution was ratified. Therefore, Arada is working to answer the political questions of the people of Addis Ababa by using a wide and continuous popular movement and civil disobedience as a struggle strategy.


Addis Ababa Children’s Union

Why is struggle necessary?

Addis Ababa is a wonderful city that has gone through the process of urbanization for thousands of years and has created and integrated urbanism in a unique Ethiopian context. What makes Addis Ababa unique as a city is that it nurtures and celebrates many Ethiopian and international identities. Urbanism, in its international character, is the melting pot of different identities through the willing interaction of different identities by the owners of the identities. But Addis Ababa has created a broad and acceptable identity called Addis Abebe from the interaction that occurs with respect to the various identities within it.

Addis Ababa’s international development dates back thousands of years, and Addis Ababa as a city has made a significant contribution to the Pan-African Movement and other African countries’ struggle for independence. For this reason, the main office of the African Union is located in Addis Ababa. In addition, Addis Ababa is one of the few diplomatic center cities in the world. Apart from its international influence, Addis Ababa is a city that has an indelible mark on the history of Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s economic engine and political heartbeat.

It is a recent memory that the EHRDP government, which came to power after the fall of the military Derg regime, forcibly imposed the constitution on the people of Addis Ababa, which is the source of universal problems for Addis Ababa. The people of Addis Ababa have been deprived of political power and political rights, and they have become vulnerable to many social, political and economic problems because they do not own their own land.

However, on the day after the change, the officials who turned into explosives and became shields are participating in drafting and implementing destructive plans against the people of Addis Ababa. Officials who don’t understand that it originates from the political symbol and their cadres who are bound by interests. They have been working to create a non-cooperative and distrustful society by tearing apart our social values.

We are seeing that they are trying to make a city that creates a feeling of alienation by destroying our stories and depriving it of sentimental value. By denying political representation, they are throwing our urgent questions that are the death knell for Addis Abebe into the trash. Individuals in the city by giving them high power, by establishing a network of unstyled robbery and corruption on the people who owe the city to them, have brought us to the edge where we cannot win the daily life. If he can do all this abuse, why don’t we add to it with the arrogance of asking the creator for mercy, the political intervention and forceful action taken to divide the religious institutions has angered us.

Looking at the system and the many abuses that the system is doing from the bottom up, we do not believe that the system and administration that governs Addis Ababa will do any constructive work for the benefit of the public in the future. Because of this, we found that giving more time to the systematic abuse that is happening to us is like accepting oppression as amen, so we were forced to start a public peaceful struggle movement representing Addis Ababa.


The vision of our movement is to reclaim the political rights and power that the people of Addis Ababa have been deprived of by the regime through a broad peaceful public struggle and to control the administrative, social and security structures to enable our city to be completely managed by the people of Addis Ababa – self-governance.

The people of Addis Ababa as an independent political community, the economic and other social assets that we contribute to our country of Ethiopia are enormous, but we have never been involved in the politics of our country, nor have we been influential. Even worse, it is a public fact that our existence as a political society has been denied and that there are political forces working to destroy our existence and identity as their political goal. The current regime can be cited as an example. Therefore, the people of Addis Ababa should be an active participant and influencer in the politics of our country along with our fellow Ethiopians.


Although Addis Ababa has made a great contribution to Ethiopia’s economy and politics, it has not received the right political power to represent Addis Ababa as the constitution allows. We will work to restore representation.

Addis Ababa Children’s Union, which is guided by the attitude of “country means people”. As a result, Adis Abebe is guaranteed to live in peace; Adis Abebe is safe.

Enforcing the right to produce wealth and property and not denying any services due to identity, language, opinion and religion etc.

To enable Addis Ababa to get a fair trial before the law.

To ensure that Addis Ababa’s right to get a job without discrimination from the job opportunities created in Addis Ababa is respected.

To stop the inhumane eviction of warrs from their homes, which does not follow law and order. The widespread government corruption in Addis Ababa to stop.

Creating a stable economic system in Addis Ababa.

Addis Abebe is self-sufficient by using the right given by the constitution. It participates in multi-disciplinary activities, such as coordinating public movements and taking legal measures to ensure administrative rights.

The line of struggle chosen by the Addis Ababa Children’s Union to fight the oppressive system.

Systematic, modern and constantly evolving.

The children of Addis Ababa is a public peaceful struggle strategy that can bring down the roots.

All Ethiopians who believe in unity, rule of law, equality and independence.” 


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  1. What is the difference between “Arada Addis Ababa Children’s Alliance” and “Addis Ababa Children’s Union”? Kind of confusing. It could be whoever you are are confused.
    1. Children should focus on their studies first and foremost, not stupid Ethiopian politics often led by half-educated ethno-fascists whose goal is destruction of life and property.
    2. The statement that “Addis Ababa is a wonderful city that has gone through the process of urbanization for thousands of years” is a blatant lie and conjured up by individuals like Eskinder who have no substantive issues to talk of!

  2. “Addis Ababa is a wonderful city that has gone through the process of urbanization for thousands of years,” is a total fabrication  from Borkena editors. 


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