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Eritrea-Russia joint Military drill on the Red Sea 

Russia sent a military ship to the Red Sea for the joint military drill 

Eritrea-Russia Miliary drill
‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’ (photo : RT)


Toronto – Eritrea and Russia are reportedly having a joint naval drill on the Red Sea. RT, a Russian news source, this week cited Russian Ambassador to Eritrea, Igor Mozgo,  to report that “Russia has sent a military ship to participate in joint drills with Eritrea for the first time in the 30 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.”

The Ambassador is also cited as saying that  ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’ – “a modernized Udaloy-class destroyer of the Russian Navy commissioned in 1985 ” – has arrived on the Eritrean side of the Red Sea shore and will be staying for nine days. 

According to RT reports, Russia had a two-day long joint military drill with China and Iran on the Gulf of Oman in mid March this year. Joint maneuvers, communication exercises, firing of high-caliber machine and small caliber artillery were among the exercises during the drill at this particular location. 

The source unspecified the focus of the Eritrea-Russia naval drill. 

The two countries have signed a cooperation agreement in a range of areas. Russia opened its embassy in Asmara in 1994. 

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki visited Russia in May 2023 and had a meeting with Russian president Vladmir Putin. Earlier this month, President Isaias sent a message of congratulation to President Putin on his landslide election win.  “Your re-election to a fifth term is a resounding testimony to the progress that the Russian Federation has achieved under your watch,” President Isais said in his message. 


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  1. Russian warship in Eritrea. What about it? Eritrea is UN member and an internationally recognized sovereign country. It has the inviolable right to host a warship of any country it chooses. Some among us are still so stubborn to let go the idea that Eritrea now a sovereign state should ask their permission to do anything. You even want to know what it thinks before it does so. Hello, Eritrea is a sovereign country! Hello! Hello! I gave up.!!!


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