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U.S. Embassy hosts “Ethiopian Women Leaders to Advance Inclusion in Political Processes”

U.S. Embassy Hosts Ethiopian Women Leaders to Advance Inclusion in Political Processes

Ethiopian Woman Leaders
Deputy Chief of Mission Gwendolyn “Wendy” Green, National Election Board of Ethiopia Chairperson the Honorable Melatwork Hailu, and Ethiopia’s State Minister for Social Affairs Her Excellency Mrs. Huria Ali Mahdi at Radisson Blu Hotel, March 28, 2024, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   (Courtesy of U.S. Embassy)

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa 

Addis Ababa, March 29, 2024 – The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa hosted on March 28, 2024, an experience-sharing and networking workshop entitled, “Advancing Women’s Inclusion in Political Processes.”  In honor of Women’s History Month and the 120th anniversary of U.S. – Ethiopia relations, the event engaged more than 100 women leaders from Ethiopia’s government agencies, political parties, civil society, private sector, and academia to empower women to become more active and effective players in the political and policymaking landscape.

The workshop was part of a series of U.S. State Department-organized women’s political engagement seminars among women from the Horn of Africa.  It featured National Election Board of Ethiopia Chairperson the Honorable Melatwork Hailu, and Ethiopia’s State Minister for Social Affairs Her Excellency Mrs. Huria Ali Mahdi as keynote guests who shared their vast leadership experiences with current and future generation of leaders.  Chairperson Melatwork said, “As women engage in the political sphere, we must remember something:  never give away your character key.  Be true to yourself and engage in the public sphere boldly.  Ethiopia will benefit from it.”  State Minister Huria said,  “Women must be empowered to engage in Ethiopia’s formal political processes, not just informal ones.  Their involvement improves outcomes and is critical to success.”

Deputy Chief of Mission Ms. Gwendolyn “Wendy” Green, who served as the keynote interviewer, praised the lively engagement from a diverse group of women participants saying that “Women’s participation in political processes is a key component of a healthy democracy.  I was inspired by what I heard today.  It bodes well for the future to know women are determined to engage.” 

In addition, three women leaders including Mekelle University President Dr. Fana Hagos, National Dialogue Commissioner Ms. Belain Gebremedhin, and Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National Association Executive Director Ms. Dibabe Bacha shared their leadership experience in a moderated panel discussion.  The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa also recognized Dibabe as its 2024 International Women of Courage nominee.

U.S. Ambassador Ervin Jose Massinga provided opening remarks to show the U.S. Government’s support for and solidarity with Ethiopian women and women around the world.


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  1. Good Ole USA as always at its best. When our women need vital assistance in their unabated endeavor to play a prominent roles in the affairs of that gem of humanity, Good Ole USA is there providing valuable help monetarily and expertise. When that country needs critical aid to stop the spread of lethal epidemics USA is there on site. When that country needs financial and food aid USA is there telling the old country I got your back. When rabble-rousers need bullets to kill each other like wild predators USA has been telling them in unwavering terms ‘not from me’. Right on USA, right on!!!!!


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