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Blueprint of Abiy Ahmed Ali’s Government: ‘Emperor/king’ Abiy

The Nobel Peace laureate Abiy Ahmed has started or aggravated three wars in Ethoipia since he came to power in 2028

By Dr. Mastewal Abera 

What is a blueprint? A blueprint is a guide for creating something – it’s a design or pattern that can be followed. Make no mistake, Abiy Ahmed Ali has a clear blueprint for his style of government. It is not a democratic or republic one. It is not fundamentally an ethnic-based government either; instead, it resembles a monarchy. The blueprint for his government is that of a king or an emperor. Everything and everyone serves the emperor (the king). At an early age, he was told by his mother that he would become the ‘seventh king.’ That’s it! We should not underestimate the power of the spiritual world behind this physical realm. The words of witchcraft or a prophet connected to a superior power can manifest in this world. 

No one knows if his mother has told him that he will be a king one day, but many of his closest friends, who have aligned around him, have said that he used to profess to them that he would be the country’s leader. He even told the late Meles Zenawi about it. In a recent TV interview after his release from prison by the Abiy government, his former colleague at INSA, Colonel Binyiam of the TPLF, said that “Abiy was 100% certain” that he would be the country’s leader. This fits the pattern of Abiy telling many people around him the same thing. Imagine someone starting to confess today that he or she will be the leader of the whole of Africa, and in just a decade, that person becomes a singular power in the entire continent. The mere realization of such a confession is enormous. And that is what happened in Ethiopia. The fact that he has become the nation’s leader for the past six years, in an unlikely turnover of political drama and twists, is remarkable in itself. Do not undermine it. The blueprint of Abiy’s government lies there.

The mindset of Abiy Ahmed is highly centered around the idea that power in the country belongs to him, not to the people, the parliament, the different institutions, or any other intellectuals, activists, capitalists, or opposition political parties. When the TPLF tried to regain power from him, he even went to Eritrea, another country, to suppress his people. He used the latest drones, borrowed from the UAE and bought from Iran and Turkey, to annihilate the hundreds of thousands of TPLF/TDF soldiers as they marched from Mekele to Addis Ababa. Now, when they have become weak and fragile to the point where they are unable to take power from him, he makes them friends again in the name of the Pretoria agreement so that he can use them to fight other forces like the Eritrean government and Fano forces if they stand against him. They are doing exactly that today!

Like a chameleon, after the defeat of TPLF/TDF forces, Abiy has camouflaged himself with Oromo elites to control the nation. Many think that he was/is, from the start, OLF/OPDO/ODP/OPP/OLA – Oromo-first person. It can be, but this is not the whole truth. It is part of the blueprint. He uses Oromo ethnic-based politics when he needs it. In fact, he knows that the different political groups in Oromia are very problematic to unite and lead. That is why he left many regions alone, in the hands of bandits and mercenaries, so they would not resist his leadership. As he is from Jimma, he has no chance of being the leader of the Oromia region if the Oromos from Welega are left alone to function in politics. That is why he targeted politicians from Welega at the start. His first command post was in Welega, not Tigray, not Amhara. He knows that the Oromo elites have a massive base in Welega. They were the dominant voices in the OLF – the main nucleus of the Oromo struggle in the country. To be successful, he used the Oromos in Shewa, such as Oboo Shimelis Abdissa, to dismantle the networks of individuals like Dr. Lemma Megersa, Bekele Gerba, and Dawud Ibsaa. However, when Shimelis Abdissa and his network grew in size and wanted to challenge him, he exposed them harshly. A few months ago, they began to resist his leadership. For example, when they started to encircle Addis Ababa in an attempt to bring down his government using “Kero,” similar to what they did to the TPLF-led government, he acted swiftly. He exposed the activities of their hidden network, Koree Nageenyaa, through Reuters. He effectively paralyzed Shimelis and his gangs, who had established a network of individuals who had benefited themselves in various ways. They had committed numerous crimes under his watch. They were all his assets, intended solely to give him legitimacy as the country’s leader, specifically as the Oromia PP president. He showed them no mercy when they prioritized anything other than his kingship. 

His kingship is threatened by the Fano movement. This is the real force that can effectively topple his government. He knows this deeply, which is why he ordered his entire military force to march into the cities and every rural area of the Amhara region under the pretext of disarming the Fano forces. He made a lifetime mistake. In fact, the fame of ’emperor/king’ Abiy was growing in many respects before he started the war against the Amhara people. However, within a few months of that misstep, his fame started to dwindle like a freefall from the sky. The military crumbled in many parts of the Amhara region. Tens of thousands of soldiers are dead, tens of thousands are captured, and others have escaped, while the Fano forces have amassed a huge arsenal of different kinds of weapons. His acceptance among Ethiopians declined to such a level that even his colleagues like Obbo Shimelis felt he had become a liability, not an asset to be with. The Westerners were/are worried about whether he could be trusted for their interests in the region. Right now he is at his lowest level! 

It is said that “bashing in the head of a snake is effective at ending its life.” Otherwise, the snake, with its head unattached, can try to survive using all the means it has. Even if most of its body is harmed, it will attempt to defend itself by striking. This is exactly how King Abiy is behaving these days. His government has lost grip on the country.  It has no direct control over the Tigray region after a deadly two-year war with TPLF/TDF. It lacks a meaningful administrative network in the Oromia region, which is an active conflict zone with OLA/OLF. Moreover, it is engaged in a full-blown war across the Amhara region, resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of soldiers in just eight months, affecting many civilians in the region.  It is reported that 70% of the country’s administrative regions are not under his control. Even the other regions in the South, Afar, Somalia, Gambela, and Benishangul are all experiencing some form of discontent. The only place where Abiy’s government seems to have a grip is in Addis Ababa, where the head of the government lies. 

His government is creating survival strategies from the capital city, controlling the media, social media, the bank, intelligence, and the military headquarters. His government actively engaged in changing the demography and the social fabric in the name of development. He tries to create the perception of a government that exists above all troubles and disastrous situations. How can this perception of a functioning government in Ethiopia be made when all the facts are against it? For Abiy, the answer is simple: engage in more deception. He calls it the grand narrative. He aims to distract the people from the main agenda that matters to them and the country. Everything about his way of doing things revolves around perception, deception, and perception! At the core of his methodology, the key to gaining and maintaining power is creating perception through deception. There is no genuine substance to what he has done or plans to do as a government. He must deceive the people to continue living his dream of being a king.

As far as Abiy Ahmed is concerned, the blueprint of his government is that he is a king. In his own words, his mother has said it. Parks, palaces, lodges, planting trees, and so on are all part of the puzzle for creating that perception. He has deceived people into believing that this is an Oromo-led government, and some individuals around him have bought into it because they benefit from it and are determined to protect it. It is enough to see the Army chief, who has turned into a political propagandist. By the way, deception has been a weapon used by many individuals across the globe throughout human history. Therefore, it is crucial not to underestimate the power of deception, especially in societies that lack critical thinking and reasoning skills. The internet and social media age have amplified these deceptive efforts, allowing them to create the desired perception, even in the face of hard facts on the ground. Abiy is not alone in this; just look at what Donald Trump does daily.

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