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Unexpected Ethiopia wide Electric power Outage reported 

Ethiopia power outage
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Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) on Thursday announced an Ethiopia-wide electric power outage. It said, “Today starting 9:46 [3:46 P.M.] Electric power is completely disconnected throughout Ethiopia except Bahir Dar and the surrounding area.”

The issue is attributed to a “systemic problem” but no further detail is provided. However, it said effort is underway to identify the cause of the problem. 

Furthermore, EEP said work is started to restore it and that it will update the public about it. 

After an hour, EPP made another announcement saying it has restored power in most parts of Addis Ababa city. 

Earlier this month, there was a power outage in the Amhara region of Ethiopia where there has been fighting between Fano forces and Abiy Ahmed’s government for more than eight months now. There was a claim on the part of the government that the incident happened because Fano forces attacked the power grid line in the region – an allegation that the rebel forces dismissed as a baseless story intended to score a political point against Fano. 

People in most parts of Ethiopia often complain that the Electric power supply is erratic. 


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  1. Fano should not play that kind of stupid and dirty game. People have already suffered enough. Amhara people should not be afraid to speak up and come up with alternative solutions/compromises. All Fano is after is to seize power in A Rat Kilo. These are Fano fools busy destroying everything just to get to power.

    • Funny! Why are you assuming it is an attack while the authority doesn’t say so? Even if the outage was caused by an attack on the power grid, there’s strong reason to doubt Fano’s involvement. Firstly, they lack the long-range heavy weaponry needed for such an attack. Secondly, unlike the ______, Fano has no history of targeting civilian infrastructure. If they wanted to disrupt power, and have the means to do so, their reach throughout the region makes taking out a single line pointless.
      Furthermore, the cause of previous blackouts in Amhara and Tigray remains unclear. Local police blamed Fano, while the Electricity Authority couldn’t determine the cause definitively. Attributing governments failures to Fano and Shenie as a scape goat doesn’t absolve the ruling.

  2. If this turns out to be an act of sabotage, what the saboteurs will hope for is the incidence will be lost in stupid bout of blame game. But I am not ruling out technical snafu somewhere in the power line. Blackouts due to technical mishaps happen everywhere and every day even in the developed countries. I don’t doubt the capabilities of the workers. They will fix it up soon. So, bigots, don’t start dancing at this news. You will only be making fools out of yourself. Got to your usual scavenging site and get lost!!!


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