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At least three killed in Gambella as gunmen opened fire in a farming area 

Gambella Ethiopia
Photo credit : DW Amharic


Toronto – At least three people are reportedly killed in Abobo district of Anuak zone of Gambella region. The incident happened in near an areas of an investment farm, according to DW Amharic report published on Tuesday. 

The source spoke to residents from the area. Some say the number of people killed in the attack is five. Others say it is three. 

A police officer from the area is cited as saying four people were killed and one other person was injured and hospitalized. 

The source indicated that the effort to get remarks from government officials was unsuccessful as they have declined to answer the phone. 

The victims were looking after cattle in the area. An eyewitness who asked to speak on condition of anonymity said two of the victims were killed in one area and the remaining three were attacked near investment farming. 

Furthermore, the gunmen have reportedly taken about eight livestock. 

It is indicated in the report, for which residents were cited as a source, that among the victims were Arabic speakers who came to the area in search of grazing land. 

The parts of Gambella where pastoralist activity is common have been experiencing recurring attacks from gunmen.  In December 2023, four people were killed in Village 17 in Abobo district of the zone. 

Peace and Security issues in the region as a policy conversation point for authorities in the region have been making news headlines for a long time now. Authorities have been making claims to improve the security situation. However, that does not seem to be the case. 


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