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The Urgent Call for Change in Ethiopia: An Insight into the Crisis 

Abiy Ahmed with his Colleague Shimeles Abdissa (Photo / from the web/file)

Dan A 

The political and humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia has reached an alarming level, and the silence of  the international community, particularly the United States (US) and African Union (AU), is deeply  concerning. Since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assumed power in 2020, Ethiopia has been engulfed  in chaos, marked by civil war, ethnic strife, and massive internal displacements—challenges even  more severe than those under the previous regime. 

Abiy Ahmed’s government, characterized by many as an Oromo regime, has been accused of  consolidating power aggressively, sidelining the Tigrayan and Amhara communities. This power  consolidation is mirrored in the government and military sectors, where significant representation  shifts have been observed. The regime’s actions have contradicted the peace and unity image that  Abiy once projected to the world—an image that controversially earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. 

The subsequent civil war in the north of Ethiopia has had devastating effects, resulting in the loss of  millions of lives and leaving millions more internally displaced or at risk of starvation. The fragile  peace deal that followed did little to stabilize the region. Instead, Abiy declared war against his  former allies, the Amhara Fano and militia, betraying those who once protected the capital from the  Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) advances. 

The government’s attempts to disarm the Amhara Fano, under the guise of national disarmament,  are perceived as efforts to weaken opposition and centralize power further. This move has been met  with resistance, especially given the government’s failure to protect the Amhara community from  massacres and ethnic cleansing in Oromia. 

The situation has escalated into a state of emergency in the Amhara region, with the government  using drones, heavy weaponry, and committing extrajudicial killings under the pretext of law  enforcement. Amidst this turmoil, Abiy has been diverting attention with threats of sea access  conflicts, while internally, a genocidal campaign against the Amharas and opposition in Addis  Ababa is underway. 

The strategy includes ethnically targeted actions, such as the destruction of homes and historical  districts under modernization pretexts, aimed at demographic changes in Addis Ababa. Non Oromo residents face systematic impoverishment and displacement, with Amharas being  particularly targeted, arrested, and killed.

These atrocities occur as the AU and US, despite being well-positioned to intervene, remain  disturbingly silent. The international community’s insistence on dialogue, even as Abiy’s regime  perpetrates violence and oppression, is reminiscent of past global failures to prevent genocide. 

The hope for Ethiopia now lies in the Fano fighters, who have shown resilience and determination in  their struggle for justice and peace. Dialogue with a regime actively engaged in genocidal actions is  not only futile but complicit. The international community must recognize the urgency of removing Abiy’s regime, which has proven to be detrimental to Ethiopia’s stability and the well-being of its  people. 

For genuine peace and national dialogue to be possible, security and trust must be established,  and those responsible for atrocities must be held accountable. The solution for Ethiopia is clear:  Abiy Ahmed must be removed from power to end the cycle of death and destruction. It’s imperative  for global leaders, including Secretary Blinken, the EU, and the African Union, to act decisively  before it’s too late. The world must not remain silent as innocent lives are lost daily in Ethiopia.

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  1. Thank you for the concise and precise summary of the saga and tragedy that has been unfolding in Ethiopia on the watch of the impostor, masquerading as the prime minister of all Ethiopians. Abiy Ahmed is an individual bereft of any decency, moral compass, humanity, humility and an iota of knowledge and wisdom.

    Peaceful transition of power will never ever be possible in Ethiopia as long as Abiy Ahmed and his so called Prosperity Party, of which he is the chairman, are around. More than half of the opposition party members of parliament which comprised only 4% of the current parliamentarians are in jail, languishing in the dungeons of the despot. Christian Tadelle, who has met his constitutional obligation, by teaching and reprimanding the despot in public that there is “no guarantee that the repressive and kidnapping entity “ in Abiy’s government would not abduct members of parliament has been abducted and thrown in jail without due process. Part of Christian’s offense was the mere announcement and request for the prime minister’s office to be audited.

    The 2018 popular movement and demand for change and reform have been hijacked by the oromumma cultist. The Abiy regime has been violating entire rights of citizens protected in the Bill of Rights sections of the current Ethiopian constitution.The Abiy regime has violated and cut short the fundamental and basic right of any human being on earth: the right to live and exist.

    No regime which deprives the inalienable rights to exits of its citizens deserves any consideration to exist, let alone remain in power any longer. On top of these massive crimes against humanity, the regime has demolished the homes of the very vulnerable and poor, causing the highest number of IDPs in Ethiopia- in fact the highest in the world.


    1) you can no longer hide the billions you and your oromumma cultist have stolen from the national coffers
    2) you can no longer divert attention from the hundreds of thousands you have mercilessly killed and massacred
    3) you can longer hoodwink the public and international community by your asinine claims of 7-8 billions of trees planted
    4) you can longer cover up about the 5,000,000 to 7,500,000 IDPs dispossessed and disenfranchised on your watch and by your direct order
    5) you can no longer cover up the 60% plus youth unemployment in so called Oromia zone alone.
    6) you cannot hide the official -150% and the 300-450% currency devaluation of the birr in parallel market on your watch
    7) you cannot anymore cover the 60% inflation rate that occurred on your watch.


    RESIGN NOW!!!!!

  2. The country we call Ethiopia is a democratic country. So what that means is when an election comes the current regime could be shown out if the electors that will be made up of the overall population choose so. It doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced by a regime that is solely made up of Amharas what the current outrageous demand is. That era had gone never to return back but it hasn’t yet sunk into the thinking of the so-called Amharas who brazenly want to take charge of the government. The Amharas were exploiting and degrading every ethnic group in the nation just yesterday. The US and the whole world including all the AU members know that. We don’t know if they can accomplish and repeat that by using force and if that’s going to materialize the rest of the population will definitely get not only the attention of the above-mentioned entities but it might need help too.

    Therefore, the danger is not the regime that’s run by the current Prime Minster who’s being demonized simply because he happens to have Oromo ethnicity. The reality is he’s the backup of every ethnic group in the country including the majority of Amharas showing that it’s the majority who are ruling the country through a parliamentary system by electing a government democratically.

    What might be advisable is the current group that is trying to usurp power by using a military wing called Fano is wasting time, resources, and human life to cover its own shortcomings and difficulty to advance its own region where the members of the particular community are completely free to do whatever they believe is appropriate. What they actually want is to take charge of the government and take the country back to where it was, while at the same time exploiting whatever resources might be available to the government for their own personal use that they aren’t even camouflaging.

    This is an outrageous cause whichever way it’s looked at, and it’s to come to an end. That’s the job of the current government that’s doing whatever it takes to force these misinformed bandits to put down their arms, a group that’s trying to accomplish probably what TPLF did since they’re threatening to walk into the capital city and take power by force. The problem is they miserably fail to understand the timing is different since the regime in office has all the support it needs from around the world. and It’s a fully functioning democratic regime that’s working and protecting the interest of the whole ethnic groups in the country, unlike the Derg whose resources had vanished because it was heavily reliant on the then defunct Soviet Union. Therefore, the message to the bandits is put your arms down, and work hard to advance your region, while at the same time working with the rest of the country, instead of thinking of enriching your own pocket since it won’t materialize.

  3. “The country we call Ethiopia is a democratic country.”

    Not even by a long shot.

    This is a fascist cult led by a deranged impostor and fake embezzler, masquerading as the pm of all Ethiopians.

    Peaceful transition of power is impossible in Ethiopia (not when the despot imprisons MPs like Christian Tadelle ( his crime was exercising his constitutional obligation and duty of requesting audit of the abiy cult and so called office of pm.

    Peaceful transition of power is impossible in Ethiopia ( not when the despot and oromumma cult controls all public mass media, shuts off internet at will and suppresses peaceful assembly and right to petition.


    RESIGN NOW!!!!


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