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Association of Ethiopians in Europe : statement on “Current Alarming Issues in Ethiopia”


Toronto – The Association of Ethiopians in Europe on Saturday has released a statement on what it called “Current Alarming Issues in Ethiopia.”

Borkena has received a copy of the statement. It is shared below : 

A Press Release by Association of Ethiopians in Europe on Current Alarming Issues in Ethiopia 

Date: 23 March 2024  

1-Genocide of the Amhara People 

We Ethiopians and Europeans of Ethiopian origin residing in different European countries founded the  Association about 6 years ago with the approval of a document of commitment, promising to work hard for the  sovereignty of Ethiopia, the security of its people and the rule of law. In line with this commitment and deeply  concerned by the alarming current situation in Ethiopia, the members of the association and the executive  committee made the following statements by way of a press release.  

In the last nearly 6 years the government of Ethiopia led by Abiy Ahmed continued dividing the people of Ethiopia  along pigeonholed ethnic regions with the apartheid constitution and is attacking Ethiopians based on their ethnic  identity. As part of this brutal ethnic cleansing strategy, it is now a matter known to the world that the Amhara  people are being massacred using drones and heavy weapons. In the past, we have vocally expressed our  concerns to the international community of this horrible act.  

Abiy’s Prosperity Party’s Killing Group, is using unlimited and unlawful force to stay in power by act of  subjugation and genocide. This unprecedented existential threat has led to the inevitable Amhara resistance and  the resistance torch is now on to emancipate its people from this untold level of massacre and put a stop to the  serious existential threat. Therefore, we call upon Ethiopians across the globe to organise and oppose this  tyrannical government wherever it is. 

2-Abune Petros was not allowed to enter his Motherland 

Abiy’s government is constantly orchestrating gross violations against the Orthodox Christian Church, which  commands huge respect internationally and has over 60 million followers. Even according to the ill intentioned  ethnocentric constitution , the government should not interfere in religious matters but actually is acting above  the law. Last year, when the church was preparing to call a peaceful demonstration to oppose the unlawful coup  d’etat to create a separate Oromia Synod against the cannon of the Church, Abiy Ahmed went to the Patriarch to  quell the demonstration. Recently his government denied Abune Petros, the General Secretary of the Synod,  entry to his motherland and he was mistreated at the Airport.  

There is no doubt that this gross human rights violation committed against Abune Petros will become the fate of  the targeted Ethiopian diaspora as they would be denied the right to enter their country of origin if they survive  arbitrary arrests. Moreover, we strongly request that Blessed Abune Abraham, the General Manager of the  Archdiocese, recent serious questions to Abiy Ahmed about killings, lootings, kidnappings and  upholding the rule of law get immediate answers.  

3-The victory of Adwa  

Abiy’s government has done a shameful act of disrespect by preventing the people and veterans from  participating in the Adwa festival in Addis Ababa, which is the pride of the black people. In the last 2 years, Abiy  Ahmed replaced Emperor Menelik’s picture with his own to the dismay of millions of Ethiopians and the black  community. The Ethiopians, who realised this conspiracy, went out in droves in different cities of Europe and  America and celebrated the Victory of Adwa in unprecedentedly glamourous manner and scale to keep the  history of Adwa and Ethiopia alive. Whilst we take pride in thinking part in this historical event we hold  Abiy and his government responsible for the attempt to erase the significance of Emperor Menilik in the Victory of  Adwa and adulterating the History of Ethiopia and the black race.  

Association of Ethiopians in Europe. HeadQuarters: Frankfurt, Germany 

e-mail: admin@ethiodiaspora.net website: www.ethiodiaspora.net


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  1. Stupid Ethiopians, especially in Amara region that can ONLY save Ethiopia are killing eachother by organized groups of Aby government, Diaspora medians who call themselves “Ethiopians” but are controlled by Egypt, West and Aby government so Amara region is no more. In the mean time,
    Aby government, who are they? Aby is the child of Bereket Simon, he was the one who enlisted him in Tplf. That is why I say the current Aby government is Eprdf#2. Since Aby government has controlled Ethiopa, have you heard of Shabia’s Simon Bereket? No, he is living comfortably in Ethiopia and organizing the Dembosko kids of Habtamu of 360 media, Enkuro of Mesai, Dereje Habteweld, etc are part of Shabia working for the foreigners to destroy Ethiopia, pp governmnet is the same. Right now, Amara is divided into many groups and killing eachother! The so called “Ethiopian” army is watching while killing eachother. The govenrment or the army are not ethipia’s responsibility but their own working with Shabia and Tplf to destroy Ethiopia and Amara. In the meantime, thousands of dangerous neocolonialists are flooding into Ethiopia to neo colonize Ethiopia: its land, water, resource and enslave Ethiopians right now. Other Africans are well educated and know every single thing that is happening in their own nation while stupid Ethiopians are programmed and distracted the true agenda in Ethiopia that is coming soon! Other Africans know very well who is Bill Gates, and other Western professionals, and IMF and World Bank. The Aby governmnet is welcoming these neocolonialist that are resetting colonization in Africa which will be starting in Ethiopia soon. They are going to patent and control out staple food, Teff! Right now they are talking about debt to take over Ethiopia’s land! Aby government is welcoming them!

    Oromia region who is converted to Protestant, their passion is wearing Western suits and are working with these foreigners to destroy Ethiopia so that they will be given power to control. They don’t care about neo colonization. Oromia region has been programmed for 30 years and the youth have changed. The coming of Shabia, Jebha, Tplf and now Pp government is not about for the people or their ethnicity, it is about working with foriengers to control the nation and rule, that is all. Look at what Isayas did, he mobilized Eritreans against Ethiopia, after so many sacrifices, its people have been leaving their nation, ended up being people wihtout no land. Eprdf#2 governmnet is dong the same thing to Ethiopians.

    Note, the whole idea of Adwa, working for Ethiopia is all distaraction so that the population will not wake up of the agenda that is happening in Ethiopia. I repeat, pp governmnet, Shabia, Tplf , Olf have one and the same agenda lead by foreigners!

    The fools who have fought Tplf for Ethiopia such as the so called Seyoum Teshome, Dawit- in Canada cheering for electric car in Ethiopia that Ethiopia banned oil? Is that progress for a nation who is still growing? Electric car that is easily controlled remotely and have killed many drivers, and they think that is progress. Is that progress to demolish historical sight while to distract they built Adwa museum as cover to calm people down. They give you with one hand and take away with the other?

    Wake up Ethiopia!


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