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“U.S. Embassy Supports Local Conflict Resolution Workshops in Mekelle and Addis Ababa”   Embassy

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Participants in Restorative Practices for Environmental Problems workshops, Mekelle, March 13, 2024. (courtesy of U.S. Embassy )

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, March 19, 2024 – Conflict over land, water, and other natural  resources are at the root of many historical and modern conflicts in Ethiopia and  around the world. The UN anticipates that climate change will acerbate resource based conflict in the coming years. 

Recognizing that constructive dialogue is the only durable solution to peace in  Ethiopia, the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia supported one-day workshops in Mekelle  and Addis Ababa March 13 and 15 to introduce conflict mediation mechanisms with demonstrated success in defusing community-level resource-based  conflict. The workshops trained sixty-five government officials, university faculty, civil society leaders and think tanks working on environment on how to integrate mediation techniques into their strategies for resolving local land and resource disputes by encouraging all parties to look for shared interests that lead to pathways out of conflict and towards constructive problem solving. 

This Restorative Practices for Environmental Problems project was implemented by Mekelle and Bahir Dar Universities through a U.S. government grant. Scholars  from the U.S. including Professor James Krueger from Syringa Law and Mediation 

in Spokane, Washington, Professor David Tushaus, Assistant Dean of Graduate and Applied Learning at JSW Law School in Bhutan, and Professor Inga Laurent,  Professor of Law at Gonzaga University, were also involved in this project. 

The United States and Ethiopia share deep people-to-people bonds that ground  our 120 years of diplomatic relations in an enduring spirit of friendship, respect,  partnership, and the shared aspirations for the well-being of the Ethiopian 

people.  That spirit has propelled cooperation in peace and security, health and education, agriculture and food security, as well as the environment and many  other areas where the United States government and the American people have  made enduring investments to help improve the lives of all Ethiopians. 


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  1. We all have been naive at one time or another to think the USA is the “saviour” (“the good guy”) (this still applies 100% to those (fromer Ethiopians’ ) US citizens of Ethiopian heritage who live in the US today) even though the TRUTH has been poking us in the eye time after time as we witness US “Regime-change” activities around the world reminds us of the facts.
    Including our own (unrecognized) 2 experiences of US Regime-changes, first the botched coup d’etat of 1960’s, and later in 1974 that lead to the chaotic condition our Nation finds itself in since.

    However, now the rabbit is emerging out of the hat exposing the US’s true (2) color in the open, (1) as “invader” following its proxy-war in Ukraine and and (2) it’s “White-supremacist” nature (from it’s KKK roots ) exposed in Palestine-genocidal war by the Israelis (US-Proxy).

    Here is a great analisis that just came out following the Russian land-slide election of 2024 (depriving the US’s regium-chnage activities using CIA-MI6 recruited the late Alexei navalny.)

    By Brian Berletic
    Telegram Video Link
    Article link =

    The Duran:
    March 19
    Link =

    Alexander Mercuris (the Duran)
    March 18
    Link =

    March 19
    Link =

    Just like all past-empires the US-genocidal empire will sooner or later go down to the sun-set… (perhaps soon 2024/25 civil-war before 2030)…

    The end is near, for the predator!!!

    Be well.


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