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Ethiopian Airlines reveals result of investigation at Bole Airport 

Customs Commission employees involved in the incident involving the abuse of a Ethiopian Airlines female passenger are arrested

Ethiopian Airlines _ investigation
Mesfin Tasew, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, during press conference. March 18, 2024 (Photo : screenshot from FBC video)


Toronto – Ethiopian Airlines on Monday revealed an investigation into an abuse of a female passengers at Bole International Airport. The Airline announced that it had started an investigation last week following several stories of complaints the video footage of which went viral among Ethiopians on social media.  The passenger complained that her jewelry and cash (unspecified dollar) was taken by employees at the Bole airport.

“It was a Customs Commission employees that were involved in corruption and harassment; the employees are in custody,” Mesfin Tasew, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, announced on Monday during a press conference in Addis Ababa. 

The CEO also stated that it is unacceptable to hold the Airline accountable for all the crimes committed at Bole International Airport. 

He indicated that Immigration, Customs, national intelligence, and Federal police work at the airport, and play a part in the operation at the airport. 

From the statement, video footage of an incident involving the abuse of a female passenger who was told that she could not leave Ethiopia with gold and cash (U.S. dollar) was investigated. The result is that a Customs office commissioner employee was responsible. The names of the employees are not disclosed.  Customs authorities or Ethiopia’s Federal government have not yet remarked on the incident. 

It is said that there are as many as 3,000 security cameras installed at Bole International Airport. 

Ethiopian Airlines that it will not tolerate corrupt practices and abuses of passengers and that it will work with other stakeholders to take measures against those involved in such practices. 

The airline has also announced plans to put a system – within a few weeks- in place where passengers will report incidents like the airline has been investigating in the past few days.  

Ethiopian Airlines has more than 17,000 employees in the country and abroad. Last week, the CEO laid a cornerstone to build housing for 5,000 employees. In the direction of business operation, it has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Boeing to acquire 20 latest planes as part of its expansion plan. The strategic plan of the airline aspires to have well over 200 international destinations by 2035. Currently, it has more than 130 international destinations. 


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  1. Humble Commentary, 18 March 2024

    Let us be honest : The. effort of EAL and those who are daily involved in the security of the Airport must be admired.

    In tandem with that entry, the cooperation of all those who are involved in the operation of the airports must also be admired —- for the benefit of all passengers and civil servants at the Airport in its entirety.

    It must also be mentioned that the admiration for the cool, insightful, treatment of the matter by the cool, far sighted, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines.

    What else can be said? Everything is under control. LET EAL. CONTINUE WITH ITS ADMIRABLE IMAGE as well as its fantastic SUCCESS, as it has always been expected.

    Just a note:
    I have never been an employee of Ethiopian Airlines, but a deep admirer of that Organization i.e. TO THIS DAY.

    It must also be raised in particular the installation of some ‘3000 security cameras
    indicating. the sensitivity and sense of responsibility of all the employees at the Airport.

  2. Somebody asked somebody a proverbial question: ‘What kind of airline do you have in your neck of wood?’ ‘Horse buggy, and that is mostly used to haul away inmates’ bodies who died after decades in prisons’ was the honest and irrefutable answer. Case closed.


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