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Urgent Appeal: Protecting Voices of the Amhara People on YouTube  

Subject: Urgent Appeal: Protecting Voices of the Amhara People on YouTube  

Dear YouTube Team,  

I am writing to you as a concerned follower and subscriber of the YouTube channels Ethio 360,  Addis Dimts, ABC TV, and Ethio 251 media, and as a member of the Amhara community  currently facing grave threats of genocide and oppression in Ethiopia. The continuous closure of  these vital platforms has sparked deep distress and urgent alarm among those of us who rely on  them for information and advocacy. 

Despite boasting significant subscriber bases, these channels are being systematically targeted  and closed daily, leaving us increasingly vulnerable to unwarranted censorship. What’s even  more concerning is the revelation that individuals aligned with the administration of Dr. Abiy  Ahmed Ali have orchestrated efforts to surveil, harass, and report these media outlets with the  malicious intent to silence our voices and stifle our cries for justice. 

This organized campaign of intimidation and censorship is an egregious violation of our  fundamental rights to free speech and expression. It is a blatant attempt to erase our stories, our  struggles, and our humanity from the public eye. We refuse to be silenced. We refuse to let our  voices be extinguished. 

Abiy Ahmed Ali’s manipulation of power extends far beyond mere censorship and suppression of  dissent; he is orchestrating an all-encompassing assault on the Amhara people. This includes  tactics of economic deprivation, political marginalization, military aggression, media censorship,  and propaganda dissemination. Concurrently, the Amhara people face systematic slaughter,  displacement, and extortion, with their lives and livelihoods under constant threat. Atrocities  such as being slaughtered like chickens and buried in mass graves, displacement with no place  to live, being prohibited from entering their capital city, and hostage situations compounded by  extortion efforts to secure their release are widespread. 

Moreover, public figures including regional and federal parliament members, journalists,  activists, elites, and professional Amhara are being arbitrarily arrested, further exacerbating  their vulnerability, and perpetuating their subjugation under an oppressive regime. 

Abiy Ahmed Ali’s unjust indirect control is evident in his practice of assigning puppet regional  leaders, violating the constitutional right to self-rule, and making the people not have a caring  and acceptable leader. Changing the regional president six times within five years, an  unprecedented action not observed in any other region of the country, further erodes the  autonomy and self-determination of the Amhara people, fostering an environment of fear and  uncertainty. 

The contempt and hatred directed towards the Amhara people within both military and civil  sectors of the administration are stark and unmistakable. This animosity manifests in actions  such as Field Marshal Birhanu Jula’s open declaration of intent to wage war against our  community. His ominous proclamation of “not only we disarm their weapons, but we will also  open the armor belt”, followed by heavy military deployment and imposition of a state of  emergency, poses a direct threat to our existence. Such aggression is compounded by persistent 

dehumanization perpetuated by figures like Deacon Daniel Kibret, who consistently employ  derogatory terms and liken our people to animals and diseases, leaving us vulnerable to violence,  discrimination, and marginalization. 

In the face of relentless assaults, the Amhara people struggle for survival and freedom,  organizing under the banner of the “Fano freedom fighters,” bravely resisting tyranny and  oppression. 

The international community, including esteemed organizations such as the United Nations,  Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and others, has expressed grave concerns  regarding ongoing genocide and human rights violations in Ethiopia. Even incumbent  government institutions such as the Ethiopian Human Rights Commissions and Ethiopia  Human Rights Council have voiced apprehension. Countries across the globe are closely  monitoring the situation, and history will judge us by our actions—or lack thereof—in this  critical moment. 

And I strongly recommend the YouTube team thoroughly examine these reports before making  decisions regarding channel closures. Closing channels that serve as critical voices for the  oppressed only perpetuates suffering and silences those who desperately need to be heard. 

Finally, In the face of such egregious violations, platforms like YouTube must stand as beacons of  truth and justice. Upholding free speech and human rights is fundamental to a just society. The  future of our community, country, and collective humanity depends on it. 

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. 



Concerned Citizen and Member of the Amhara Community

Please share this appeal to raise awareness about the plight of the Amhara people.

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