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An Open Letter to Anthony Blinken, United States Secretary of State 

Open letter to Anthony Blinken
Anthony Blinken (Photo : Reuters/file)


An Open Letter to Anthony Blinken, United States Secretary of State 

Via email to: 
The Honorable Antony Blinken  
U.S. Department of State  
Office of the Secretary Room 7226  
Harry S. Truman Building 2201 C Street, NW  
Washington, D.C. 20520 

March 10, 2024 

RE: An act of genocide-by-proxy against the Amhara People? 

Dear Secretary Blinken: 

The Amhara people, the Fano, will never participate in any peace talk facilitated by Michael  Hammer, Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa. 

There are 50 million African Americans and several million immigrants with organic ties with  Africa. Yet, China dominates development partnership with Africa. China is literally becoming  an inextricable partner with Africa. America is not even a junior partner. As an American, this  concerns me gravely. 

My open letter begins with the above observation because the current reality is a direct  consequence of the myopic US policy in Africa. I am compelled to write this letter because the  US State Department appears to be totally clueless, or careless, about how Africans perceive the  role of the United States in Africa and the buildup of intense anti-American sentiment. Case in  point, the conflict that almost caused an implosion of the Horn of Africa, namely, TPLF’s invasion  of the Amhara and Afar regions and its subsequent attempt to overthrow the government. 

We recall with great consternation the shocking propaganda by various US authorities and  institutions, including the State Department, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and  Voice of America, in support of the TPLF. At the time it was ravaging Amhara and Afar  communities and marching towards the capital city. Several overt and covert attempts were  made by the United States to cause diplomatic stampede, the flight of foreign missions out of  Ethiopia. One shocking disinformation was the FAA’s official statement that Ethiopian Airlines  may be struck by surface-to-air missiles. The US also interfered with Ethiopia’s sovereignty by  continuously declaring Welkiet as Western Tigray. I happen to know from highly reliable sources  that management and staff of VOA were instructed to refer to Welkiet as Western Tigray. All  this, while the Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa repeatedly declared the US to be “an honest  broker.”

I will be brutally honest because there is so much at stake. 

Ambassador Mike Hammer is known among Ethiopians and Eritreans as the master of  deception. A soft-spoken diplomat whose words should be taken with unrelenting suspicion and  whose actions, seriously scrutinized for their underlying motives. It is impossible for any peace  talk effort to even begin with the Fano with Ambassador Michael Hammer as the main player. 


At the end of August 2022, the TPLF was totally wiped out. The only option left for its leadership  was to be eliminated or surrender in exchange for safe passage to a third country. For reasons  that I don’t want to get into at this point, the US State Department interfered with Ambassador  Michael Hammer as the chief architect and threw an unexpected lifeline to the TPLF. This lifeline  was the Pretoria Agreement, the so-called Cessation of Hostility Agreement (CoHA) signed on  November 2nd, 2022. 

The CoHA effectively resurrected the TPLF, the cancer of Tigray and of the Ethiopian people.  After sacrificing half a million children of Tigray in the war, the TPLF was given a new identity to  kill what was left of Tigray’s children by starvation. Once back to life, the TPLF started selling  food donated to feed Tigray’s children in the open market causing donors to completely stop  food aid. Another beneficiary of the Pretoria agreement is the genocidal regime of Abiy Ahmed.  The architect of Amhara genocide, Abiy Ahmed, was given a new identity authenticated by  Biden Administration’s shameful act of lifting his government’s Human Rights Violator  Designation and the subsequent recommendation of the same to the US Congress, thus clearing  the way for new economic aid. 

This wicked act by the State Department effectively presented a clean towel for Abiy Ahmed to  wipe-clean his blood-stained hands and to continue his fiendish reign of terror with relative  impunity. 

In return, Abiy Ahmed was instructed to: 

1. bring TPLF back into his government, 
2. disarm the Amhara Special Forces and the Fano, and 
3. surrender Wolkiet, Tegedea, Telemt, Humera and Raya to the TPLF.  

In so doing, Special Envoy Michael Hammer essentially declared genocide-by-proxy against the  Amhara people. 

In his earnest effort to expeditiously complete the task assigned to him by Michael Hammer,  Abiy Ahmed declared an all-out brutal war using every weapon available to him, including  drones, against the Amhara people murdering innocent priests, farmers, women, and children. 

Let’s stop the pretension and cover up! The current uprising, resistance movement of the  Fano, is the direct result of the treacherous Pretoria Agreement,  courtesy of the  United States State Department, Ambassador Mike Hammer’s legacy.

The overwhelming majority of Ethiopians believe that the TPLF would not have done any better  had it placed one of its members as the US Envoy to the Horn of Africa. What we see in the  State Department, in as far as Ethiopia is concerned, is the visible action of the invisible hands  of the friends of the TPLF and the former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi showing their enduring  love and loyalty motivated by various interests. Some in the State Department, such as Michael  Hammer’s advisor, have a very personal interest; having adopted children from Tigray. 

We recall, with palpable agony, how the former Secretary of State Susan Rice, exalted one of the  cruelest leaders Africa has ever had, Mr. Zenawi, as “uncommonly wise, brilliant, … selfless, and  a true friend.” The same, demented, impious alliance is manifesting itself in the current State  Department’s shocking alliance with the TPLF. 


If the Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa truly cares about bringing peace to the Horn, as  opposed to painting a rosy picture of his legacy, he should accept the fact that he has grossly  miscalculated. No amount of coverup can hide the fact that his solution is the problem. The  equation he constructed, which marginalized the Amhara people completely and attempted to  deprive them of their ancestral land, has generated “a divide by zero” error. Ambassador  Michael Hammer has a conflict of interest. He should resign effective immediately in the  interest of peace to the Horn of Africa. 

As an American citizen of Ethiopian origin, I will say with certainty that Ethiopians look forward  to a strong and unconditional stand from the United States that is commensurate with its  stature as the leader of the free world. At the very least, President Biden should issue an  Executive Order and implement the Global Magnitsky Act and send a powerful message of  solidarity with victims and help address accountability gaps created by the State Department’s  heavily biased and misguided policy on Ethiopia, including the acknowledgment the right of the  Amhara people to demand the annulment of the Pretoria Agreement, specifically, terms that  concern Amhara Ancestral Land. 

Dagnachew Teshome 
Los Angeles, California 

CC: Senator Robert Menendez, Chairman,

Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Senator James Risch, Ranking Member,
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Mary Catherine Phee
Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
Representative Gregory Meeks, Chairman,
House Committee on Foreign Affairs
Representative Michael McCaul, Ranking Member,
House Committee on Foreign Affairs

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