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Why is Fano Stronger in Gojam Than in Other Parts of the Amhara Tribal Land?

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Yonas Biru (file)

By Yonas Biru  

Of recent, I have become a target of an Amhara Shene cabal (Dr. Bruke Lemma) who accuses me  of “acting as a mouthpiece for the monstrous autocrat [Abiy Ahmed], advancing the Oromummaa  agenda, and infiltrating and undermining the Amhara leadership.”  

The idiocy of the Ethiopian politics is often attributable to people who accidentally find interest in  politics, straying out of their areas of expertise such as accounting and engineering. These are  professions guided by handbooks. The accountant is advised if the debit and credit lines are not  equal ችግር አለ ማለት ነው. The engineer is reminded “ድልድይ ስትሰራ ሲቢርቶ እና ብረት ተጠቀም.”  

Politics is too complex to be reduced to a handbook. When engineers and accountants try to  become political analysts, they get lost. I thought this may be Dr. Bruke’s problem. My curiosity  prompted me to check his expertise. I found out he holds a PhD in biodiversity. This is the study of  እንቁራሪት፣ እንሺላሊት፣ ጉሬዛ፤ ቢራቢሮ፣ ከርከሮ፣ ጊንጥ and ሸለ ምጥማጥ, among others. His was an intellectually ambitious and rather audacious jump in pay grade to go from studying እንሺላሊት to  analyzing human interactions in a complex game of politics. 

Some may see the above paragraphs as an unnecessary distraction. Such people miss the point  that without understanding the accidental oddballs who infest our political landscape one cannot  understand the over-supply of idiotic cacophony that has overcrowded rational discourse. 

Dr. Bruke’s ad hominem against me was triggered by one of my articles titled “Critical Steps to  Jumpstart Fano’s Stalling Momentum,” dated Nov. 19, 2023. My article’s objectives were three.  

• Bring to light “current realities and painful undercurrents that the government and the  Fano enterprise must come to terms with.” 

• Show “the war is fought between a government that is in a cult-like trance sleepwalking  into an endless war and an Amhara uprising that lacks political technology and theology to  realize its full potential to score a definitive political victory. 

• Help “bring Fano’s political and military spheres into alignment and show a path for a  strategic political and military victory.  

The article opened with the following short paragraph about the Prime Minister (Boy King): 

“Since the Fano uprising, the Boy King’s God-like Omnipotence and Satanic  Malevolence have been successfully challenged. Consequently, Oromummaa’s mass  eviction and mass murder policies of ethnic cleansing have waned to a significant  degree.” 

It went on further to highlight: 

“The government must come to terms that the use of drones and tanks against Fano  fighters and civilian targets will certainly not bring the Fano enterprise to its knees. To  the contrary, it will galvanize the people and draw even the most reluctant Amhara into the war theatre. The government must also come to terms that the Boy King has  lost his trustworthiness, owing it to his betrayal of everyone who trusted him, his  pathological tendency to lie, and most of all his lack of human sympathy.” 

Prior to this, I have written many articles reiterating the same points. For example, in August 2023, I  published a proposal for Fano Manifesto in which I described the Fano movement as follows: 

In the unmitigated Oromummaa zeal for hegemonic subjugation, the people of  Amhara are seen as a stumbling block. Therefore, Amhara is targeted as enemy  number one. Words cannot describe the evil and savagery of Oromo-PP and  Oromummaa against the Amhara. Fano raised arms as a matter of self-defense and  survival against such a force that is hellbent on subjugating or annihilating it…  

I have also authored seven articles on Oromummaa and Gadda with such titles as (1) “The  Oromummaa Politics: Weaponized with Lies and Soaked in Blood”; (2) “Oromummaa is a Low Grade  Nazification Movement”; and (3) “Slavery and Terror Were Integral Parts of the Gadaa System.” 

My position on Oromummaa has made me a target of leading Oromummaa intellectuals including the  God father of the Oromummaa political theology (Professor Asafa Jalata) in over half a dozen published  articles. One such article characterized me as “the leader of the Amhara supremacist Nafxanyaa, an  Amhara version of the American Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the most hateful and violent group in history.” 

It takes an organic idiot dumbified by a hermitized culture to accuse me of “acting as a mouthpiece  for the monstrous autocrat [Abiy Ahmed] and advancing Oromummaa’s agenda”. 

Considering the shortcomings of the Fano establishment, my article highlighted: 

The Fano ecosystem including its diaspora support base needs to accept two  fundamental points. First, in and of itself, having morally, legally, and politically justified  cause for an armed uprising does not lead to a political victory. Second, military  strength is a necessary condition for political victory, not a sufficient one.  

The uprising of Fano is the best thing that has happened to Ethiopian politics since the  savagery of Oromummaa invaded the political market. However, the sad reality is that  Fano’s Military offensive appears to have stalled or at the very least lost its initial  momentum. 

This is attributable to the fact that the military uprising is conducted in a political  vacuum. Fano needs to come to terms that its military advance is undermined by the  lack of an inclusive political architecture with a robust political strategy and a viable  endgame along with a flexible roadmap.  

Anybody who thinks Fano will march into Addis under current circumstances is an  Uber-idiot. Furthermore, anybody who knows anything about anything related to  political conflict resolution and coalitionsformation knows the እድር-ወ-ፅዋ tradition that  relies on the science of አንተም ተው አንቺም ተይ doctrine of እርቅ will not work to unite  different Fano factions. Such conflict resolution traditions were effective in the 19th and early 20th century. They do not work in the 21 century! 

I consistently named the Eskinder Nega and Shaleka Dawit Woldegiorgis team as a liability to the Fano  movement. In this regard, I stressed: 

Fanos success depends on its ability to fend off political extremists hovering inside and  outside of its enterprise. The sooner it repulses such characters, the sooner it will  achieve its full potential. 

Regarding Eskinder I wrote, he was an award-winning and praiseworthy human rights warrior. But his  extremist tendency, checkered track record, and demonstrated inability to make strategic decisions in  complex and uncertain situations make him unfit to be a political leader. The people he appointed as  his right hand is a telling example. First it was Ermias Legesse and then Shaleka Dawit. He should have  limited his role to being the symbol of the resistant movement without seeking a political leadership  position.  

My view on the Shaleka is that he is a liability for the Fano movement. He lacks political savviness, diplomatic subtlety, and moral fortitude to lead any political movement. For example, his public  statement that “ኢትዮጵያ የሚያስፈልጋት አማራ አማራ የሚሸት መንግስት ነው” was idiotic and a fodder to extremist  Oromummaa forces. He also has questionable track record with undesirable baggage. 

The very people who in August and November 2023 threw an avalanche of ad hominem toward me  turned around and signed a petition demanding the Shaleka to resign, accusing him of undermining the Fano movement. The Shaleka was forced to resign. In the meantime, the Fano enterprise  unceremoniously pushed out Eskinder from the movement.  

In What Way Did Eskinder and Shaleka Dawit Undermine the Fano Movement?   

After he fled Addis Ababa, Eskinder was protected by Gojam Fanos. At the time, Fano was led by Dr.  Wondewosen who was later arrested after the Information Network Security Administration (INSA) intercepted his telephone conversation with Meskerem Abera and found his location. 

Under Dr. Wondewosen leadership, Fano had a designated underground team that was supposed to  fill potential leadership void if the leaders were arrested or killed. Undermining the designated  successors, Eskinder with pressure from Shaleka Dawit and Ethio-360 extremist Amhara Shene clowns  declared himself the Leader of Fanno and appointed the Shaleka as his international spokesperson. 

This sent a shock wave through the Fano ecosystem both at home and in the diaspora. Their action  divided the movement into pro-Eskinder (mostly extremist forces) and anti-Eskinder groups. Pro Eskinder forces were primarily diaspora forces. It had little to no fighting force on the ground.  

The strategy was to use diaspora forces as a leverage to hijack the Fano movement at home. Shaleka  mobilized over a million dollars from the diaspora to help finance the Fano movement. He required  Fano leaders across the Amhara tribal land to pledge allegiance to Eskinder to get a share of the  diaspora funds that were collected in the name of all Fanos.  

Some Fano groups threatened Eskinder. In the meantime, members of the diaspora community who  were active in the fund-raising drive tried to appeal to the Shaleka to stop his backdoor political  manipulation. The Shaleka ignored their appeal. This led ZemedeKun Bekele (a member of Amhara  Shene himself) to write to his 330,000 social media followers, stating: 

Even those who initially supported Eskinder’s team turned against it, accusing Shaleka Dawit as the  culprit. They presented Eskinder as a victim of the Shaleka. 

Why is the Amhara Shene’s Attack Against Me Revived After My Position Proved Right? 

As noted above, my article that triggered the current onslaught against me was published on Borkena  News on November 19, 2023. Dr. Bruke’s ad hominem was published a week later, on November 26.  Why is it revived and widely circulated now? 

The person who is spearheading the redistribution campaign is the Swedish Professor Girma Berhanu.  He is one of the key figures in the Eskinder-Shaleka-Ethio-360 establishment.  

This is puzzling. When it comes to exposing the evils of Oromummaa, “ባባቷ እምላለሁ አባቴን አስክዳኝ”  እንዳለው ዘፋኝ, the Swedish Professor አባቱን ተቶ በኔ ይምል ነበር. In one of his articles, he wrote “Dr. Yonas 

Biru has aptly captured the Oromummaa evil agenda.” In his articles he extensively borrowed from my  published pieces. He quoted 637 words or a page and a half from my work in just one of his articles. I  am also aware that he has been widely circulating my articles to friends and relatives as a compelling  analysis that “destroyed the Oromummaa ideological base.” 

Of recent, he is widely sharing Dr. Bruke’s articles that markets me as a “ሆዳደር መፃጉዕ (Hunchback) who  is serving Oromummaa’s agenda.” One thing is for certain. A unified Gojam Fano was established after  the Shaleka-Eskinder-Ethio-360 circle lost its influence – just as I predicted it would. As members of  Shaleka-Eskinder-Ethio-360 groupie, the good professor and Dr. Bruke are venting their anger and  resentment by throwing their Amhara Shene hoots of disdain at me.  

Why is Fano Stronger in Gojam Than in Other Parts of the Amhara Tribal Land?   

Fano in Gojam not only survived the Shaleka/Eskinder/Ethio-360 divisive agenda but also managed to  establish the strongest and most unified Fano to date. The question is: What sets Gojam apart from  Fanos in Shewa, Gonder and Wello. The answer to this question is key to establishing a political  architecture to unify Fano across the Amhara tribal land. 

There are several factors. Chief among them is that Gojam is relatively more homogenous in terms  social demography. For one it is considered the Bible belt of the Orthodox Community. Thought it has  considerable Muslim community, they exist outside of the political power centers.  

Fano in Wello exists in a region where Christians, Muslims Amharas, Oromos and Afars and to some  degree Tigryans live together. The political power centers in major cities are notably diversified. The  same is true to some degree in Gonder where there is a significant politically active Muslim community in political power centers. For example, when Jawar was trying to organize the Muslim community, his  target was Gonder, not Gojam. Further, intermarriage rates between Amhara-Tigray and Amhara Eritrea is common in Gonder. Shewa is also a reasonable diverse region. Therefore, establishing a  unified Fano in Wello, Gonder and Shewa is more challenging than in Gojam. 

It is time for the Fano enterprise to pause, reflect, retrospect and take midcourse correction where  needed to bring its political end goal and military means into balance. Such a pivot is an absolute  necessity to thwart its diminishing chances of success and align its trajectory to its strategic political  goal.  

Unifying Fano under a common political architecture requires a methodical process. First is to establish  a political platform to develop a common agenda, and a robust strategy along with a concomitant  roadmap and flexible and adaptive end goal. The agenda-setting and roadmap-building efforts must  be transparent and inclusive to provide opportunity to all stakeholder to participate. 

Unity that is based on a political agenda, strategy, roadmap, and end goal will change the social  psychology of not only Fanos but also anti-government forces in the other tribal homelands. It helps  to relieve lingering doubts between different social groups and as such inspire confidence and trust in  the common agenda. Once a consensus on a minimum program is established, it will be easier to have  different Fanos – small and large – coalesce around it. It will also open the door for a broader coalition  with other movements in other tribal lands.  

This has been my publicly expressed view in numerous articles and interviews with many social media  outlets. In what way does this serve “as a mouthpiece for the monstrous autocrat [Abiy Ahmed] and advance the Oromummaa agenda?” ዶክተር ብሩክ ለማ ዝም ብሎ እንሽላሊት እና እን ቁራሪት ሲያባርር ቢውል ይሻለው ነበር። Politics is a complex topic outside the boundaries of his pay grade. 

KaTefahu YiQrta

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  1. Mr. Biru, your articles are often too divisive. You sound more like a mole for the pathetic boy-king and wannabe be mini-hitler, the despot and ignoramus fake dr/pastor/pm aka 7ኛ ጨ. Your polemic and personal attacks against Eskinder and Shialeka Dawit are borderline obsessive- compulsive. You may need professional help to curb that uncontrollable rage and hatred of yours against those two individuals. Maybe it is because they have wide range acceptance among their target audience than you could ever dream for yourself.

    A PhD in Biodiversity is perhaps a more useful and applicable field of major than the “PhD in economics” that you boast and brag about day in day out ad nauseam. Learn to have some self respect for yourself and others, if you want to be seriously considered by others.

    Like it or not both Eskinder and Shialeka Dawit will be integral parts of the Fano movement. ይሄንን እውነታ እየመረረህም ቢሆን ተጋታት!!! Both of those heroes are more self -effacing, humbler and down to earth than the loud mouths and snake oil salesmen that chew from both sides of their mouths at the same time. The opportunists, political vultures, and backstabbers in Ethiopian politics are well known to Ethiopians. እነዚህ የበሰበሱ የካድሬ ቅርሻታሞች ከደርግ ስርአት ጀምሮ ምስኪኑ ኢትዮጵያን ጀርባ ላይ እንደትኹዋን እንደ መዥገር ተጣብቀው ከጌታቸው ለሚወረወርላቸው አጥንትና ፍርፋሪ ሲሉ (ምክንይቱም በሙያቸው እራሳቸውን ችለው ስርተው ጥረው በላባቸው መኖር ስለማይችሉ!!!!!) የምስኪኑን ደም እየመጠጡ ፍርድ ያጣምማሉ: የህዝብ መብት ታጋዮችን ያንቋሽሻሉ: አሳልፈው ይሰጣሉ : የፍትህና እኩልነትን ጮራ ያዳፍናሉ:: ተራና ርካሽ የሚያስቡት ለከርሳቸው ብቻ ስለሆነ የዛሬን እንጂ የነገን አያስቡም:: ከትናንት ወዲያ የተራማጅ አብዮተኛ ካድሬ አፈቀላጤ እና የጨፍጫፊው መንግስቱ ዙፋን አስከባሪ ነበሩ: ትናንት ደግሞ የትህነግ ጨብጫቢ ዛሬ ደግሞ የወስላታው ነፍሰ ገዳይ ኦሮሙማ ወንበር ጠባቂ ሆነው እንደ እስስት ቀለማቸውን እየለዋወጡ እንደ እባብ ቆዳቸውን እየቀረፉ ይቀበዘበዛሉ:: How does that sound for “biodiversity”, the highly esteemed and distinguished economist, par excellence???

    Chew on the following salient points:
    1) the Fano movement does not owe anybody a political manifesto. Fano fighters are waging an ethical, morally justifiable fight for survival against a barbaric and murdeous regime which is now internationally being accused of conducting state terrorism against entire ethnic group(s).

    2) is it possible to have peaceful power transfer in Ethiopia? Nope. There is no possibility of competitive election, when parliament members of opposition party are already in shackles. Your boy-king abiy ahmed’s prosperity party controls somewhere around 96% of the seats and still got too scared of minor challenges from a minority of two or three MPs and they are no all in prison. Your boy king is a despot. A deranged lunatic and power and war monger who is obsessed with self love and adulation. His lust for power is only outweighed by his vulgar lack of an iota of humanity and self awareness. The Caligula of Ethiopia. Indeed the little emperor wanna be has no clothes.

    3) Is it possible to have even a semi independent judiciary branch in Ethiopia with abiy and oromumma sycophants around?????? Absolutely not!!!! The moment the long arm of the law starts to move, abiy and his entourage will be exposed of bribery, murder, crimes against humanity and massive violations of the bill of rights articles enshrined in their own ብሄር ብሄረሰቦች ህገ መንግስት they bark about like dogs day in day out.

    Mr Biru, when you study sections 2 and 3 above in detail, you will come to the conclusion that ****** abiy Ahmed and oromumma have to go*******!!!! There are no ifs or buts around this.

    በነገራችን ላይ አንተና መሰሎችህ እንደምታራግቡት ያህል የሺህአለቃ ዳዊት ” አማራ አማራ የሚሽት መንግስት” ሳይሆን ኢትዮጵያን እያግማማትና እያወደማት ያለው ኦሮሙማ አሮሙማ የሚሸተው የጠነባውና የከረፋው የወሮበላው የአብይ አህመድ መንግስት ተብዬው ትርኪምርኪ ጉግ ማንጉግ ሌባና ካድሬ የቁሻሻ ክምችት ነው::

    Maybe next time you will write more nuanced articles and finally learn to refrain from your vicious personal attacks and denigrations of those who criticize your views or question your motives. If not satisfied, you can take a hike as well.

  2. You are better than this, come on! Did you really had to stoop so low as to assert that individuals with engineering or accounting backgrounds can’t be effective politicians, merely to criticize Dr. Bruke? How childish and hasty! I think he struck a nerve with you. Why else would you come out with such barcking attitude lots of gibrish. Were’nt you the person advocating for maintaining a heated yet intellectual dialogue, labeling those who disagreed with you as emotionally-driven and pompous? What happened? Now it seems it is difficult for them to engage in a dialogue with the likes of you as you frequently resort to any available argument, regardless of its validity or quality, to defend your stance.

    Let me list some popular politicians, from different corners of the world, with Accounting or Engineering background.

    1 – Margaret Thatcher: The former British Prime Minister studied a Bachelor of Science at the University of Oxford, specializing in X-ray crystallography. She worked as a chemical researcher after graduation.
    2 – Jimmy Carter: The former U.S. President graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1946 with a Bachelor of Science. He served as an engineering officer on the USS Seawolf, America’s second nuclear submarine, before pursuing graduate studies in nuclear physics at New York’s Union College.
    3 – Boris Yeltsin: The first President of the Russian Federation was trained as a construction engineer.
    4 – Yasser Arafat: The former Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization studied civil engineering at the University of Cairo.
    5 – Charles Freycinet: The former French Prime Minister began his career as a mechanical engineer working for the railways.

  3. And one more thing: common factors one should consider when analysing or trying to analyse why Fano is “Stronger in Gojam Than in Other Parts of the Amhara” are socioeconomic conditions, political awareness, culture, historical factors, access to information, and most importantly leadership and organizational activities. Yet you chose to base your premises on one condition – demography (which you didn’t waste time on to learn the actual statistics). You should know that statistically there are comparable non amharas and muslims in Gojjam as in Gondar, and in fact there are muslim Fano leaders in the Amhara Fano in Gojjam. You are simply wrong!

    Why are you thinking in the minds of EPRDF cadres who used to render every factor other than ethinicity irrelevant?

    I don’t know this Dr Bruke guy, yet the unease his words seem to cause you leads me to question if his assertions about you could be accurate.

  4. What insights can we, the younger generation, gain from such a seasoned individual who I believed could serve as an exemplary mentor? It’s truly unfortunate that exemplary elders seem to be lacking. Dear Dr. Yonas Biru,the manner in which you communicate and the choice of your language suggest a lack of maturity, and you can contribute nothing to an individual let alone to our country.

  5. As a diaspora I always try to think how can I help those fighting to survive, even in that, I will avoid extremists – justified or not – I have seen some frenge elements of those that call themselves Fano. That does help the movement. We can say what is good and what is evil, that anyone can unite against. Ethio360+ is not my cup of tea, for that reason, maybe that is how you build opposition but that kind of mindset is always gonna need opposition, conflict and division to stay relevant – especially since their livelihood depends on it.

    And thank you Dr Biru for always giving us a different perspective to consider.

  6. Shaleqa Dawit is a man of extraordinary talent. He is a law graduate from a renowned university in the USA and has worked in Ethiopia and Africa in various capacities, establishing connections with high-level government officials worldwide. He is the one person who can effectively engage with heads of states. Recognizing his potential, Eskider appointed Shaleqa to lead the foreign affairs of APF. Kudos to Eskider for his foresight. Individuals like Yonas recognize Shaleqa Dawit’s abilities, which is why they have targeted him to either manipulate or halt the Amhara revolution. This is evident in their attempts to discredit the respected politician-turned-lawyer. Despite the challenges, Shaleqa will not succumb to such pressures.


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