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Bottom-line-NATO has never been in a real War  

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By Samuel Estefanous

After Napoléon Bonaparte, the French have always disgraced themselves in all wars they got involved in. So much so that losing a battle in humiliating terms has become ‘the French thing to do’.  France hasn’t so much as tasted humiliation as it had gulped it at the hands of the Russians, the Brits, Militaristic Prussia, Nazi Germany, Indochina and a number of African tribes.

In one of his mean spirited comedy punchline Mr. Bean says, “What possibly could one learn from the French except the art of how to surrender?” Here, too, when we were kids we used to employ a dien bien phu simile to describe a total annihilation of the enemy- ደንቢያኒፉ አደረጋት፡፡

In the event you don’t know about it, the Vietnamese didn’t just humiliate the United States of America but they had routed out the French in the 1950s. Probably you might have heard the word when Mengistu Hailemariam had mentioned it in his effort to belittle the significance of the battle of Naqfa- he had fumed “in Ethiopian standard Naqfa isn’t an awuraja, it isn’t a woreda, it isn’t even a good kebele yet Western media is likening the war to win it to the battle of dien bien phu!’

I am not saying Americans aren’t brave or something but it never ceases to amaze me. I mean think about it, Vietnam, a poor hapless Nation which was eking out a miserable living beat the hell out of the United States and rarely talks about it yet America- the losing party in the war theater- to this day is making movie after movie about the brave patriotic exploits of its adventure in that part of the world. Looks like, when it comes to real war the West is incredibly good in doing the talking than in distinguishing itself in battle. 

1-The looming Continent-wide war in Europe 

Increasingly, a continent-wide war in Europe is looking more likely. I know war is inevitable. Europe has been spared the specter of war for more than seven decades and it is itching to have one. It is begging to be cleansed by fire. Folks try to blame it on Macron or Cameron or that Czech President who always begins a statement with ‘we in the West’ but I think it has much bigger individual hawkish tendencies. 

The West needs a major war to flash down accumulated sediment of guilty conscience which is beginning to reach a breaking point. Only a war-a total one- can save the West, otherwise it is going to implode spectacularly and lose the capacity to regenerate. 

2-When does a wolf pack lose a battle?        

When a whiny little bitchy member breaks rank! When it does, the Alpha male has no choice but to give the order to engage against its better judgment. That is exactly what is going to happen to NATO. In the event war breaks out between NATO and Russia, the ones who are going to do the fighting will perhaps be the US and Germany along with Ukraine. Those who are accusing Germany of cowardice will be in the Auxiliary Detachment Brigade busy organizing all sorts of parties to boost the morale of the fighting men.

You have to give it to Ukraine- it is a brave Nation, though in the service of the West and burning out itself for a cheap alien cause. You see, recently after duly reviewing the military capability of the West, it has declared defiantly that it is the only true capable army in the free world. I totally agree.

3- The entire combined Western conventional military hardware is already mobilized and proved futile! 

And guess what? The Russian Federation has withstood it all single handedly with all the unprecedented economic, cultural and even sporting sanctions imposed against it. 

No wonder Western leaders and NATO Commanders are acting weird, so much so that they have resorted to accusing the KPDR and the Islamic Republic of propping up Russia. Round after round, the West has been shipping out state of the art military hardware to the Ukraine and how does the latter show for it? By losing territory after territory! 

4- ‘Mighty Macron’ 

As I remember it, France was the last country to bow to American hegemony in Europe and it had literally kicked NATO out of its Paris Head Quarter in 1966 and withdrew from the alliance’s Military Structure in the height of the Cold War.

On that account it has won respect from the rest of the World and now imagine, top American and EU Diplomats trying to gently rein in the suddenly hawkish mighty Macron. The latter is calling on all members of NATO to break all and every red line to contain Russia-including committing boots on the ground in the Ukraine.  

I am asking myself, is it me or just about everybody is having the impression that NATO has been rotting inside out all these years on account of disengagement and inaction? As of old it has been said if a stone isn’t rolling it gathers moss. 

5- What is in it for Africa?    

After the War? In plain terms? Reverse colonization big time! I mean Africa is the youngest Continent in the whole wide World. The median age in Africa is just 19. And its population is going on 1.5 billion. On the ruins of the old world, we are going to declare the ultimate renaissance of Africa. 

God Bless.      

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