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Ethiopian PM Abiy Presents Gift to Assaulted AfDB Staff

Ethiopian PM _ assaulted AfDB official
Ethiopian PM Abiy prepares his gold chain gift to to assaulted AfDB official, Abdul Kamara (first left) ( photo : PD)


Toronto – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced on Friday that he held discussions with Dr. Abdul Kamara, an African Development Bank (AfDB) official who was assaulted in Addis Ababa in October 2023.

In a social media update, the Prime Minister expressed the productive partnership between Ethiopia and the AfDB. He stated, “Ethiopia’s partnership with the African Development Bank continued to be productive. This morning, I received and held discussions on AFDB’s projects in Ethiopia with Dr. Abdul Kamara. Additionally, I seize this opportunity to congratulate my brother, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, on receiving the Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership.” 

Alongside his announcement, he shared several photos, including one showing him awarding Mr. Abdul Kamara a long gold chain adorned with a map of Ethiopia. Girma Birru, the macroeconomic policy advisor to Abiy Ahmed’s administration, can be observed in some of of the pictures shared by PM Abiy on his social media page.

The incident has sparked discussions among Ethiopians and beyond on social media platforms.

Reports suggest that the security forces involved in assaulting Mr. Abdul Kamara and another AfDB staff member are bodyguards for the Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide. Furthermore, speculation has arisen regarding a US$6 million fund intended for deposit into the AfDB account.  What triggered the assault incident, based on some reports, is that while Ethiopian authorities claimed that the funds were transferred, they  did not appear in the AfDB account. The AfDB issued a statement in November acknowledging the assault on its staff members in breach of diplomatic immunity but detail was provided as to what caused it. 

The Bank dispatched a mission in November 2023 to engage with high-level Ethiopian government officials. It was reported – apparently based on their conversation with government authorities –  that an investigation is underway. However, the Bank has not disclosed whether it has been updated by the Abiy Ahmed government regarding the investigation’s status, nor is it clear if the investigation is closed. It is to be noted that the Bank had previously threatened to withdraw from Ethiopia following the incident. 

Borkena has reached out to the AfDB’s media inquiry department for clarification whether the case is closed and will provide updates if a response is received.

Despite the incident potentially being linked to what appears to be a grand corruption scandal, neither the Ethiopian Parliament nor the country’s anti-corruption commission has responded to it.


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  1. Okie dokie, the world is in awe and utter standing ovation mode, for the BRIBE, excuse moi, for the “award” bestowed upon the AFDB president, Dr Kamara, by the boy-king and fake “dr”, impostor pm aka “ fake “ pastor” and fake “colonel” abiy ahmed 7ኛ ጨ.

    This imbecile and his entourage are the biggest embarrassments, criminals, mass murderers and troglodytes of the 21 st century that dug out of their oromumma cave.

    Message from the rest of the civilized world does not mince words : GO back and under the rock you crawled out from and stay there. Nobody can tolerate your stench any longer- the foulest, the bloodiest and the most murderous stench and filth of the century in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. Go away, disappear, and disintegrate!!!!!!

  2. It is good to know that AfDB and the government have come back to terms. It was a stupid behavior by stupid individuals in the law enforcement outfit to manhandle a staff member of the bank. It was not because those security officers were not aware of the protocol of summoning foreign individuals for questioning but they are just overzealous and too dumb to be in their positions. This official was lucky that he was not permanently injured. But I am glad that they are able to sort things out and move on.

    Now those of you bigots especially those who hate the old country with passion and currently calling for the relocation of The AU headquarters to another African city, this is in your demonic face. Go hang yourself!!!


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