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Desta and The Great Mystery (Getty Ambau) 

Inspirational Series of Novels for the Young and Young at Heart Who Seek Courage and Strength to Accomplish Life’s Goals and Dreams

Desta and The Great Mystery

Getty Ambau

San Jose, California, February 14, 2024Today, Falcon Press International announces the release of Getty Ambau’s fifth volume of the Desta novel series, Desta and The Great Mystery. 

In the early 1970s, Desta, an Ethiopian student, comes to America for his education and search for a magic coin predicted to change the world. A wealthy white family in Rye, New York, takes him in and pays for his one-year education at an upscale junior college.

After high school, Desta was set to study medicine in Bulgaria and search for the shekel. But at the last minute, his old compass and a wooden magic rod had directed him to follow the sun west to pursue his goals.

A friend hastily finds him the college and the benefactors, and Desta travels westward across the globe from Ethiopia to America. 

Still hankering over his lost medical school opportunities, alone in a strange culture and land, plagued with fear and doubt, Desta struggles initially, but as his new life unfolds, he wins the hearts and minds of his benefactors, fellow collegians and those who may help him in his life quests. He excels academically and is admitted as a transfer student to a prestigious university. He doesn’t find the coin but is left with tantalizing clues to keep his hope and aspiration alive.

People of all ages can read, enjoy, and learn something from this book. Desta’s life stories and experiences can be beneficial to young readers.


Desta and the Great Mystery, together with the previous four installments of the Desta series, constitute must-read, first-class literature. Joseph Ferguson, author

“An incredibly visual story that will keep you turning the pages past bedtime.” Dennis Murphy, writer

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Getty Ambau was born and raised in an isolated countryside, in the highlands of Gojjam in northern Ethiopia. He came to the United States at age nineteen for his education, studied molecular biophysics, biochemistry, and economics at Yale University, and later earned an advanced business degree. He has worked in research labs and run his own companies, but writing has always been his calling. He has authored the award-winning Desta series and several best-selling alternative health books on health and nutrition. His second Desta novel was featured in Kirkus Reviews magazine. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Rosario.


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