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Teddy Afro new single – Beza Hibre Zimare


Ethiopian Music Teddy Afro New Single


Ethiopia’s popular singer Teddy Afro on Friday released his latest single “Beza Hibre Zimare.” The Music was uploaded to his official YouTube channel about an hour ago. Watch it Below.

Video : embedded from Teddy Afro Official YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Teddy is ever eager to please two sides at the same time. A sign that has robbed him of authenticity. He is over-rated and he knows it. One sign that he is not authentic is his deliberate opportunism. Now Adwa. Other times athletes Haile and Kenenisa. Yet other times Menelik or Tewodros as superhuman beings. Gondar recognized his talent because his songs stroked Amhara kilil ego and awarded him with an honorary doctorate (which allowed him to occupy a throne and a scepter in hand!). Think how comical and hollow that is. And then think of the great Alemayehu Eshete not even considered!


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