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Abiy Ahmed’s Regime Rakes in Funds Amid Escalating Human Rights Violation 

Ethiopia Funds
Ethiopia’s Ministry of Finance Ministers and National Bank Governor holding talks with World Bank Group officials in Addis Ababa (Photo : Public Domain )


Abiy Ahmed’s administration continues to get foreign funds left and right despite dismal and worsening human rights records – especially after his administration started the war in the Amhara region where a state of emergency has been imposed for more than seven months now. 

This week alone, the African Development Fund  granted his government $46 million under the guise of a water supply project in the Borena area. The European Union pledged 16 Million Euro for “National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration”

On February 28,2024 – The Netherlands signed a 10.6 million euros grant arrangement  with Abiy Ahmed’s administration “for the Cool Port Addis project Phase I.”  On the same day the Ministry of Finance signed a $75 million funding agreement with Norway. It was labeled as  ” climate partnership agreement for certified emission reductions of the forestry sector in Ethiopia.” 

On February 19, a 49.5 million USD financing agreement  was signed with the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) “to co-finance the Productivity Enhancement Support for the Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks and Youth Employment (PESAPYE) project.” 

On top of all that, Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet approved a total of $590 million interest free loan agreement from a body of the World Bank Group with whom the government has been having a conversation for a long time. And the Prime Minister was unequivocal in one of his remarks during his parliamentary appearance that his government could pause all the development projects in the country and divert resources to the war if it comes to that point. 

During the war between Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF ) and his government, western countries had been aggressively pursuing a sanction regime making claims of rights abuse and weaponization of food aid. There were instances where the security council of the United Nations was discussing serious measures. 

All that is no longer observed despite  unprecedented rights abuse. The Amhara region of Ethiopia is restricted to journalists and human rights advocates, Yet, rights groups were still able to establish that Ethiopian government forces have massacred hundreds of civilians over the past seven months – including women and children. Extrajudicial killing and drone attacks have been recurring, claiming civilian lives. However, the response from the west was rather nominal if not a total lip service. 

It remains questionable if Abiy Ahmed’s government is not getting intelligence and subtle military support in addition to the funds. 


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  1. I’m befuddled why this esteemed website does not post a celebratory statement commemorating the Victory at Adwa by our forefathers. I hate to doubt them but it bothers me a lot. But I am gonna post mine, the same one I posted several years ago.

    I had said the following celebrating the victory at Adwa many years ago and it still sits with/in me.
    Hello Dear Countrymen!!!!

    You know me by now that I have nothing but love for you. I am here to let you hear from me something that is very special for me both as your dear countryman but also as a man of color. That story and the day I am sharing with you is that glorious day etched in stone never to be concealed or left forgotten. It is that day that sends megawatt volts of pride all over my high mileage body every time I think or read about it. It is that glorious day, that day my and your grandparents marched into the hills, ravines and fields of Adwa knowing that it would be their last day on this good earth. They did that because no one had to tell them that it was their Allah given rights to defend their Allah bestowed domiciles from murderous bigots. No one had to tell them that heavily armed ‘KKK thugs’ were there to shoot and hang every ‘nigger’ in sight. They were in complete understanding that the enemy they were facing at that place on that day behooves them to be calculating and also well prepared. They understood very well that a vast network of intelligence must be in place to play that heathen on their doorstep. And they played him very, very well. It was written that the mad as hell patriotic chief from Tigrai was sending ‘secret’ messages to Baratieri his intention to defect to his side and he was waiting for the Italian chief to fire the first shot. It was also written about the ‘secret’ messages the emperor’s cousin Mekonen along with chiefs Haimanot and Mika-il(Ali) were urging him to come and kill their common enemy, the emperor. It was written that they were ‘telling’ Baratieri that the emperor army is getting thinner and fewer by the day that he was thinking about cutting and run for his life. They pondered!!! They lured!!! They lured and lured the monster from Rome until he was well inside their compound. When their single and double envelopment war plan is firmly on the ground they lured him again to fire the first shot. Dabormida might have sent a message to his wife that the very next day he would shoot a photo of him surrounded and being served by 3,000 ‘niggers’. What he did not know was the fact my Barentu ‘grand uncle’ and his Amhara, Tigrai and many other ethnic groups were watching his every move and primed to show him and his partners-in-crime how lethal an Ethiopian could be when his pride is touched by outsiders and ready to teach him a lesson or two how to conduct a conventional warfare Alula style, Mekonnen style, Taytu style, Haimanot style, Mika-il(Ali) style, Balcha style, Dinagde style leaving him no counteroffensive option! None! None except for Baratieri to cut and run like a scared witless rabbit or rather like a high noon bank robber chased by blood smelling vigilante mob!!!! But for my niggaz information or rather misinformation was part of the game. You think that misinformation was started by KGB and CIA during the cold war. No!!! It was my and your grandparent who perfected and used from the bottom of the deck to their advantage. They painted themselves as if they were deserted, far and few when their rank was swelling by the day!!! They presented themselves as people who love to run naked or have naked and did not have any clue what warfare is or how it was supposed to be conducted as an organized army. They even sent him fattened cattle, honey and milk to make him think they were still like his Neanderthals ancestors who were incapable of distinguishing friends from enemies. By now the Baratieri’s ego was so built up and emboldened by the news of potential desertion at the outset of war ordered the commencement of the battle. But his worst nightmare was awaiting him. His worst nightmare, a nigga with a Hotchkiss gun on his lap was all around him even before finishing his recital to the Roman gods. He could hear that thunderous scream of that fire spitting woman named Taytu admonishing those soldiers of the fainted hearts who tried to withdraw prematurely from the battle fronts!!!! He could hear her telling them that she did not bring enough skirt for them to wear!!!! And he could hear them telling that roaring Taytu like ‘Don’t talk to me like that, woman! I am going back!’ Baratieri saw those incensed men turning into killing machines, their fainted hearts gone in a flash!!! Now the earth and sky were laminated all around him with little leeway for folding back or escape. Now my Barentu grand cousin and his comrades in arms started playing the complicated mancala game in the middle of the battle. On one of their moves their led the arrogant Dabormida and his entire battalion plus army right into the welcoming arms of my Barentu grand cousins. When the carnage was over Dabormida was dying squealing like untidy pig. Now arch angels Jibril and Mika-il were in the mix. They were in the mix because that land of Maryam Magdalene and Bilal ibn Rabah was being desecrated by ruffians. They were in the mix because that land and its people were put together there by Allah at the beginning of times no matter the numerous and unabating travesties they had to go through. It is because it was the land where the two major religions, Christianity and Islam, had taken foothold there without the need of an all out battle. The battle Baratieri started on that day did not even last the entire length of the daylight. For intents and purposes it was over by the mid day. At 12 high noon, it was over. Now Baratieri turned around and ran like a scared deer from the Chercher Mountains!!! One of my grand cousins along with his Tigrayan and Amhara friends were in hot pursuit after him. But his horse was still fresh and not like their battle fatigued ones. But they stood on top of one the hills and told him who he really was. Oh Boy!!!! They were telling him using all kinds of words in their profane dictionary. No, I am not telling you what they yelled at him. No, no this is a family show. But I can tell you one so mildly. All three of them thundered at him like ‘You, the son of a thousand biscuits!!!!’ It seems he heard it all slammed into his bigoted ears carried by the drifting wind. How do I know that? You may ask. That is because I was teleported to that day!!!! I saw that thunderous lady Taytu telling off the retreating soldiers!!! You should all read more about her. Now some of you misogynistic pigs may doubt her role just because she was a woman. I highly suggest that you don’t say that around Lia bin Tadesse, Alemtsehay bint Wodajo, Birtukan bint Mideksa, Meaza bint Ashenafe, Muferiat bint Kamil, Aisha bint Mohammed bin Mussa and others in their posse who have been giving chauvinists like you that deadly stare of death. For now this high mileage, beyond-repair Afro-Ethio-centric nigga has been having a serious bout of an attitude since yesterday!!!!!

  2. Seriously??? abiy ahmed boasts of a gdp of $ 150,000,000,000. The money he is “raking in” adds to pittance and a bag of beans. A miserly 0.5% of Ethiopia’s gdp, at most 1% thrown away, like a bone to a constantly barking dog, and you call this a story. This is at most 10% of the remittances that used to be sent by the diaspora and now has dried up. The emperor indeed has no clothes.

  3. I heard someone accusing PM Abiy of killing Artist Hatchalu Hundesa. This does not have the whole dossier on PM Abiy but I do. In fact I am the only one who has it.

    You know what? I just discovered a video of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and when I looked through it all, I spotted a man pointing a gun and shooting at the president’s limousine. That man was clearly PM Abiy. Also, PM Abiy was the one who killed Robert Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Olympe de Gouge, Elijah Lovejoy, Medgar Evers, President Abraham Lincoln and so many others. PM Abiy’s rap sheet is long that I could not find enough paper to print. He even tried to shoot and kill me but I ducked and dodged every bullet from his AK-47. I’m gonna report him to the ICC and the Nobel Prize folks. He is even the one who killed the late Emperor Haile Selassie. Ooooh, I almost forgot this. Abiy was the one who stabbed Julius Caesar to death on March 15, 44 BC.


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