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Unleashing Ethiopia’s Tourism Potential: A Constructive Review and Recommendations for the Ministry of Tourism

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By LJDemissie

Ethiopia, a country rich in culture and history, is a treasure trove of boundless tourist attractions. Yet, the potential of these attractions remains largely untapped. This oversight falls squarely on the shoulders of the Ministry of Tourism, which has the responsibility to promote these attractions effectively.

Vision and Mission of the Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism envisions making Ethiopia among the top five tourist destinations in Africa by 2025. Its mission is to develop the country’s tourist destinations in collaboration with various stakeholders, market and promote the destination at national and international level through employing competitive marketing and promotional strategies.

Our analysis and recommendations aim to support the Ministry in achieving its vision and mission.

Website Content and Functionality

The Ministry’s website, a crucial platform for showcasing Ethiopia’s attractions to the world, appears to be incomplete, with outdated content and non-working hyperlinks. Notably, Prime Minister Abiy has been diligently working on the development of new tourist attractions in Addis Ababa and across the country. However, none of these new attractions — the Entoto Natural Park, Friendship Park (also known as Sheger Park), Unity Park, Wanchi-Dendi Eco Tourism Village, and Chebera Elephant Paw Lodge — are featured on the Ministry of Tourism’s website or social media accounts. 

This omission is significant, considering the potential these attractions hold for enhancing Ethiopia’s tourism industry. It underscores the need for the Ministry to update its platforms with information about these valuable assets. Doing so would not only promote these sites but also contribute to the realization of the Ministry’s mission and vision.

To enrich the user experience, the website should incorporate multimedia elements such as images and videos of tourist sites. Detailed information including addresses, entry fees, and operating hours of these attractions should be provided. A curated list of local restaurants, hotels, and cultural landmarks like churches, mosques, and museums would offer a comprehensive travel guide to visitors. Regular updates and maintenance can ensure that the website remains functional and relevant, thereby enhancing its accessibility to both domestic and international tourists.

Social Media Presence

In today’s digital age, social media platforms serve as powerful tools for marketing and promotion. They offer a way to reach a global audience, providing updates, sharing captivating images and stories, and engaging with potential tourists. The Ministry’s social media presence, however, appears to be minimal and outdated. For instance, the YouTube channel has only 44 videos, the most recent of which is a year old. Furthermore, the Ministry does not have a Twitter account, which is a widely used platform that could significantly enhance the Ministry’s ability to engage with the public and disseminate information quickly and efficiently. The content on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook should be enhanced and managed by a professional to extend the website’s reach and engage a wider audience.

Language Accessibility

Most of the content on the Ministry’s website’s pages, the videos on the Ministry’s Facebook page and the YouTube Channel are in Amharic. While it is important to cater to local audiences, providing content in multiple languages, including English can enhance the accessibility of the Ministry’s work more accessible to international audiences.


The time has come for the Ministry of Tourism to step up its game. It needs to revamp its website, making it more user-friendly, up-to-date, and multilingual. It also needs to establish a strong social media presence, using it as a platform to showcase the beauty and diversity of Ethiopia’s tourist attractions.

Interestingly, the Ministry of Tourism could model its approach after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s social media accounts. These accounts are regularly updated with high-quality content, effectively showcasing Ethiopia’s progress and potential. The Ministry of Tourism could adopt this approach, utilizing existing resources like photos and videos to enhance the promotion of Ethiopia’s tourist attractions.


Let’s make Ethiopia’s boundless attractions accessible to all. It’s time for the Ministry of Tourism to rise to the occasion and play its part in promoting Ethiopia’s rich tourism potential to the world. The future of Ethiopia’s tourism industry depends on it. Let’s not let it slip away. With constructive criticism and effective action, we can turn the tide for Ethiopia’s tourism industry. Perhaps PM Abiy should consider adding ‘Minister of Tourism’ to his portfolio as he did with the “Addis Ababa City Administration”. With his knack for social media and promotion, he might just be the catalyst needed for this change. Our recommendations aim to support the Ministry in achieving its vision of making Ethiopia among the top five tourist destinations in Africa by 2025.

We suggest that the Ministry of Tourism consider our recommendations within a reasonable timeframe. We understand that implementing changes, especially at a governmental level, involves various processes and approvals. However, with dedicated resources and a committed team, we believe that significant progress can be made swiftly. We look forward to following up on the status of these suggestions in the coming months.

Remember, your initiative and persistence can make a big difference in promoting Ethiopia’s rich tourism potential. Good luck!

Finally, I composed this ‘Constructive Review and Recommendations for the Ministry of Tourism’ for three primary reasons:

Firstly, the Amhara Media Corporation reported that President Arega Kebede claimed four million tourists visited the Amhara region in the last six months of the current Ethiopian calendar year (corresponding to part of 2023 and 2024 in the Gregorian calendar). 

This statement seems to be a gross exaggeration. According to the World Bank, Ethiopia only welcomed 518,000 international tourists in the 2020 Gregorian calendar year (corresponding to 2012 in the Ethiopian calendar). ReportLinker predicts that tourist arrivals to Ethiopia will reach 725,000 by 2026 (corresponding to 2018 in the Ethiopian calendar). The claim that the Amhara region alone received more tourists than the entire country appears to be a misguided attempt to mislead the public and inflate their achievements.

Secondly, President Arega’s misinformation prompted me to conduct some online research about the Ministry of Tourism in Ethiopia. My research revealed that the Ministry is currently ill-equipped to fulfill its stated mission and vision.

Thirdly, and most importantly, in response to PM Abiy Ahmed’s call, I have heard him appeal on three separate occasions via the media. During a tour of his Caka Project that he gave to his leadership team, he acknowledged that he might overlook some defects in the project’s construction and encouraged them to visit the site regularly. In a recent town hall meeting with the Amhara people, he asked for their support in realizing his vision for Ethiopia’s economic and infrastructural development. On another occasion, he challenged those who criticize his leadership, asking if they had contributed any articles or constructive feedback about his leadership and projects. He emphasized that constructive criticism and active participation in the development process are what would expedite Ethiopia’s progress.

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