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Ethiopia : Hope of rescuing opal miners faltered 

At least eight miners who were trapped under collapsed opal mining site presumed dead after 19 days of unsuccessful rescue operation in Delata, Ethiopia 

Opal miners  Ethiopia
The Opal Mining site in Delanta (photo : file)


Toronto – It is now more than nineteen days since opal miners went missing after a cave where they have been mining collapsed. From the start, it appeared that authorities did not have  the capacity to undertake the kind of search operation needed to rescue the miners due to difficult topography of the site to deploy excavators.  The location is said to be a cliff and difficult to use machinery.  

Today, a news report from VOA Amharic indicated that the hopeless search came to an end. Families of the victims are now mourning their loved ones who are presumed to be dead after 19 days under collapsed cave. 

“The chance of recovering them alive is slim,” VOA Amharic quoted relatives of the miners as saying. It is more grieve that we have not recovered their bodies and laid them to rest, they added. 

The number of miners who are said to be missing is at least eight. 

VOA Amharic cited Delanta district administration head, as saying “The effort we have been making over the past 19 days to rescue them through traditional and modern mode of rescue operation did not bear fruit.”

In the first few days, more than 50 meters of ground was dug through manual labor. Later, an attempt was made to use excavators but the topography was not convenient. 

The accident happened on February 8  in Delanta district, 018 Alehuat locality of South Wollo area of the Amhara region. 


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