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Ethiopia: Heavy Fighting Reported Across Amhara Region 

Ethiopia Amhara fighting
Militia forces in the Amhara region during the war against TPLF forces. (Photo source; Foreign Affairs / file)


Reports from local Ethiopian news sources indicate that heavy fighting is underway between Fano Forces and Ethiopian government troops in many parts of the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

BBC Amharic report on Monday confirmed on its report that areas in Gojjam, North Shoa, North Wollo and Gondar – all of them in the Amhara region of Ethiopia – have experienced heavy fighting over the weekend. 

Residents in many parts of the region say road closures are introduced in many areas following the heavy fighting. 

Local Ethiopian News outlets have also reported that the fighting in Gojjam was very intensive and that government forces have deployed mechanized divisions – in addition to road closure measures. Merawi (where government forces extrajudicially executed at least 45 civilians in late January), South Mecha, Quarit, Sekela, Dega Damo, Antokia Gemza, Shewa Robit, Lalibela areas have experienced intense fighting.  However, the number of casualties is unspecified at this time. 

The “Central Shoa Command Post” – part of the government body that is in charge of implementing the state of emergency which mainly draws membership from the defense force – closed the main Addis Ababa- Dessie – Mekeke road indefinitely as the war intensified.  

Fano forces in Gojam have claimed that they have controlled key major towns. 

BBC reported that Fano forces and the defense force fought for hours in Merawi. Government forces have reportedly deployed heavy weapons in the town – which was under the control of Fano forces for several hours following an intense fighting. 

Fano spokesperson in Gojam confirmed the situation to Anchor Media, U.S.-based Ethiopian media with sources in the Amhara region – saying that Fano forces are in an existential battle and have achieved significant gains. 

The Ethiopian government has not remarked about the situation in Amhara. Days after massacring civilians in Merawi, Abiy Ahmed’s administration organized a series of meetings with residents in the region to get support but it does not seem to be happening as there are no indications that government forces are winning the battle. At least, there were two drone strikes after the massacre in Merawi – something that many consider to be a sign of frustration from losing infantry battles on the part of the government. 


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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia: Heavy Fighting Reported Across Amhara Region”
    February 27, 2024

    Humble Reaction, 29 Feb 2024


    In an experienced country like Ethiopia to happen what is happening. is a TRAGEDY.

    Ethiopia — an ancient country full of history — knows better than to ‘play’ a game of tragedy

    What happened to the mature nation ETHIOPIA.?

    Ethiopia knows much, much, much better than to play. children’s game .

    Oh! Lord have mercy upon Ethiopia who is being guided by self-appointed naive

    Oh! Lord. have mercy upon your CHILDREN.

    And so I stop here. with the hope that the might magnanimous LORD will give another chance to Ethiopia, to straighten up and retain its oldest characteristic.

    Oh Lord, is it too much. ask. for forgiveness ?

    ———– AWAITING. IN HOPE. ———–


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