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Reuters Exposes Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, but Why?

Reuters _ Abiy Ahmed

By Girma Berhanu

Reuters has produced an investigative report detailing the setting up of a hit squad by Abiy Ahmed going as far back as 2018 -in other words, during the honeymoon period when his popularity was celebrated in Ethiopia and abroad.

Graphic details have emerged of gruesome massacres, targeted assassinations and a general culture of murder at the behest of a secretive group which was long ago on Mereja TV’s programme Ethio360. At the time, the information was widely dismissed as malicious fake news aimed at the saintly Abiy Ahmed – the Nobel Prize Winner, the reputed political thinker of Medemer.   

So why is Reuters exposing Abiy now? Is the West now dumping him as a liability that is not worth the cost? Can we at last connect the dots ? Aboy Sebehat Nega, the godfather of TPLF, has said that Abiy was recruited by the CIA. The overambitious Abiy was once publicly rebuked by Meles Zenawi, who warned him “not to grow too quickly”. Lema Megersa resigned to give him the chance to become prime minister. Dr. Ambachew and Gen. Saere were assassinated for no obvious reason. Once the first drops of blood were split, three followed a series of orchestrated genocidal massacres in Ataye, Welega, Metekel etc,. And yet the West remained silent, unwilling to criticize its anointed ruler in Ethiopia.

So, again, we must ask ourselves why Reuters has written such a damning report on Abiy at this precise moment? The information, after all, is not new.

Perhaps the rise of Fano can no longer be ignored, not even by the West?

Be that as it may, Reuters’ well-documented investigative report is good news for those genuinely on the pro-Ethiopia camp and, therefore, also by pro-Fano Ethiopians who are keen to see the back of the world’s worst pathological liar.

As the joke in Ethiopia says: “What did Abiy get his PhD in? Well, he earned a Minor in brutality and a Major in homicide!”

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  1. Long time Might! Yet’ Good Read and enlightening might!
    To cap your story telling, here is a dessert of the 10 unmistakable signs of dealing with a pathological Faker/Lier (DSM 5 TR)- Abiy Ahmed, the individual you alluded to!

    Most of us tend to believe Getachew Reda’s words emphasizing on our collective gulliblity in believing Abiy’s claimed academic accomplishements! I am in doubt of the claimed PhD earned by the joker Abiy Ahmed.
    I know a NorCal Bay Area Law Firm that has committed time and resources in resolving the ring and mesh of academic corruption that took place in coronating the fake PhDer, Abiy Ahmed! is Loading……

    10 unmistakable signs of dealing with a pathological Faker/Lier ( DSM 5 TR)

    1. Inconsistent Stories: GDP, Debt level, TPLF, Peace, academia
    2. Over the top Flattery: Initial days of flattery of Amhara, Wolkait was Begemidir?
    3. Lack of Genuine Interest on Others. Fake Smiles, avoiding Wolega massacre, Oromia/Somalia/Tigray famine
    4. Always in Drama. MOU, Giving hot agendas, parks..etc
    5. They Drop friends quickly. Hello FANO? Eritrea? Afar?
    6. They rarely show vulnerability. Hello parliamentary Preplanned and thought out fake talks and discussions!
    7. Materialistic and Image Focused. Hello untimely Parks, Reacreations and museums!
    8. They Manipulate Others! hello FANO, ERI, TPLF, Somaliland
    9. They badmouth others: Hello ERI & Somalia? Abiy faked as if Eri and Somalia refused Ethiopia’s access to alternative sea ports! But they never did! Infact They DESIRE IT for their bottom line! Only Amhara and other Healthy brained Ethiopians know this! Eri and Somalia want Ethio’s business. Not Ethio’s Insecurities, jingoism,infantilism, Imbecility and un-Ethiopianism. Know this
    10. They are never truly present: Abiy never faced a real grill and intreview from REAL Journalists. He claims of ETHIO 2050- 1 of the two Super Powers!!..etc.. ” Law of Attraction and Positivity at a country Scale’.
    Do we even have a LEADER at All እምየ!! What is the Karma that lead you, Emye ‘ ቶብያ, to source only the most amenous leaders, while the Ethion public is descent and all they want is to live amd excell in normal life!!

  2. As the joke in Ethiopia says: “What did Abiy get his PhD in? Well, he earned a Minor in brutality and a Major in homicide!”
    no it doesn’t and noone says that.



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