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Hats Off & Head Bowed to AEPAC & Its Chairman Mesfin Tegenu

AEPAC _ Yonas
Yonas Biru (file)

Yonas Biru 

The American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) and its Chairman Mesfin Tegenu deserve accolades and reverence for leading a robust international campaign against the government of Ethiopia.

I was AEPAC’s number one critic during their #NoMore campaign when they were asking the US and the international community to stay out of Ethiopia’s affair.

Now they are in the #YesMore column with a bold demand: “The Biden administration, the U.S. Congress, and the United Nations must launch an international intervention to end the violence and human rights abuses.” I say kudos with my hats off and head bowed.

In his latest opinion piece in the Hill News titled “The world must respond to Ethiopia’s Merawi Massacre”, Mesfin flagged critical points and put forth reasonable demands.

I am writing this short piece not only to express my appreciation for AEPAC’s shift in geopolitical outlook and strategy, but also to share my view on a couple of points.

FIRST: I fully agree with the demand for “an independent investigation into the Merawi massacre and accountability for those who perpetrated it.” But this needs to be broader, covering all tribal homelands and all perpetrators, including ENDFs, TPLF, Amhara Special Forces, and OLA, among others. It must also include perpetrators behind the mass demolition of Churches and Mosques. We need to be morally upright and rationally consistent to avoid the appearance of cherry picking justice and injustice based on our political inclination.

SECOND: APEC needs to identify American institutions that can support and champion its new campaign. The most effective strategy is reaching out to religious organizations.

The world needs to pay heed to Pope Francis’ Clarion call to “Pray for persecuted Christians in Ethiopia” and the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) appeal to the US government to “take concrete actions to prevent the government of Ethiopia from demolishing that nation’s mosques”

The campaign must be focused, and it must leverage all possible support groups. The government is resettling Amharas forced out of Wellega by Shene Oromo. In the meantime, it is doing nothing to resettle over half a million people Abiy and Shimeles forcefully displaced out of the outskirts of Addis Ababa. Demands must include rebuilding all churches and mosques destroyed at the expense of the Oromo government.

Kudos Again for the Strategic Shift in AEPAC’s geopolitical outlook. I hope the Hermitized class in the Amhara intellectual hinterland will follow suit.

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  1. So you construed that Amhara are Christian, therefore, Amhara dead is a Christian dead? Hence, Christian persecution? What a dumb statement to make? You and the lot of you can’t open your mouths without uttering a lie!


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