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Eritrean rival groups clash in the Hague, Police Vehicles set on fire

Brigade N’Hamedu _ The Hague
HAGUE, NETHERLANDS bus burned after clash between Eritrean government supporter and Brigade N’Hamedu. (Photo : Mouneb Taim / Anadolu Via Dutch News)


Eritrean rival groups on Saturday clashed in The Hague which turned into a riot.  Supporters of the Eritrean government were reportedly having a festival when the group that calls itself Brigade N’Hamedu appeared on the scene which escalated into a fierce clash.

Reports indicate that Police cars were torched In The Hague and the riot – which some sources described as “massive” – engulfed the city. 

Dutch News, on Monday, cited police to report that “13 people arrested during the riots that broke out at an Eritrean festival at the weekend have been detained in custody.”  The suspects are said to be between 19 and 36 years of age. 

Eight police officers were reportedly injured as they tried to break up the fight between the two rival groups.  The riot was said to be a difficult one to control and police had to fire teargas. 

“Police and firefighters were pelted with stones, fireworks and bicycles, while several police vehicles and a bus were torched as the rioting spread along Fruitweg. Mayor Jan van Zanen ordered police to use tear gas to drive the rival groups apart,” Dutch News reported. 

It is also indicated that “MPs have called for a full investigation by the justice ministry into the weekend violence, including the question of whether the event should have gone ahead, following previous clashes at Eritrean festivals in Rijswijk, Amstelveen and Zaanstad.” 

The Eritrean government tends to see the violence in the diaspora as something  instigated by external forces. In a latest tweet, Eritrea’s Minister for Information said “Eritrean communities in Diaspora have rich legacy & track-record, spanning for over six decades, of holding their Festivals with utmost civility & harmony.  Sporadic externally-instigated, aberrations that surfaced last year,belong to dustbin of history”

There had been a similar incident in Germany – among many other countries – in September 2023.  Government investigation in Germany indicated that the group is linked to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 


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