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Has Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Stated He Would Die for the USA?


Ethiopia’s ruling prosperity party has recently over used the derogatory “banda” ( collaborator ) to tarnish the image of resistance against the party.

Ethiopian Prime Minister is said to have a penchant for glorifying the United States’ history and politics. Although seemingly seen as non-issue to many Ethiopians, Ethiopia’s institutions are increasingly adopting United States’ colors in their emblems and logos as opposed to Ethiopia’s national colors. The reason is clearly Abiy Ahmed’s “reform.”

Andargachew Tsege – who was close to Abiy Ahmed at one point after his release from prison – says “there is no banda more than Abiy Ahmed who said he would die for USA.”

The point that Abiy has subtle, multifaceted support from the West is obvious to many. One clear piece of evidence is that the West, including the United States, given the egregious and pervasive nature of human rights abuses under Abiy Ahmed’s administration, including extrajudicial executions, advocacy for ‘human rights,’ and imposing a sanction regime, would have gone wild had Abiy Ahmed not been a ‘useful idiot’.

Video : embedded from Anchor Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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