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Ethiopia : relative calm restored in Alamata following skirmish with TPLF forces 

Alamata _ Ethiopian News
Alamata town (Photo : PD/File)


Relative calm is restored to the Alamata area where there was a clash between Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) combatants and local militia forces, according to a VOA Amharic report published on Friday.

The source cited Alamata town administration as saying that “relative peace is restored” following exchange of fire in the adjacent kebeles between Raya Alamata. The incident happened on Wednesday after TPLF forces encroached on the area. 

Ethiopia’s Federal government describes the Raya area as “controversial.”  Before the TPLF forces took central government power as dominant forces in 1991, the area used to be part of Wollo province. But later, it was incorporated into the Tigray region after TPLF made constitutional arrangements for it and was under its effective control until it lost it following the two years war against Abiy Ahmed’s government. The Abiy Ahmed led Federal government has been making claims that an agreement was reached between Tigray and Amhara region’s authorities to organize a referendum  to determine the status of the “controversial area” but a recent statement from Tigray regional administration dismissed that as “absolutely wrong information.” 

VOA Amharic said its effort to reach out to Tigray Interim government – specifically from Redai Halefom who is the spokesperson – to get remarks about the latest incident  was not a success. The Federal government and Amhara regional state have not remarked about it either. 

No causality was reported from the Wednesday incident. 

It happened days after Tigray Region Interim Government officials and TPLF leaders had what was described as “an evaluative meeting” to assess “progress of Tigray region’s post conflict reconstruction” – for which the Federal government claims to have injected tens of billions of Ethiopian birr. Another agenda item for the meeting was assessment of the  implementation stage of the Pretoria Peace Agreement which ended the conflict between TPLF and the Federal government.  One of the core commitments on the part of the TPLF – as a party to the agreement – was to disarm its forces. It was an apparent move to deter another conflict. As it turns out, the TPLF still has 270,000 armed combatants – according to Getachew Reda – the region’s interim president – who revealed about it during a press conference in Mekelle last Sunday. Perhaps the military activity along in Alamata was to confirm the claim. 


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    There is one thing these children share in common: they don’t openly talk about the involvement of adults (human traffickers) in their journey from their birthplaces to the sprawling city of Addis Abeba.

    Emebet Girma, a shop owner in Piassa, has regular contacts with Abraham and other children as they spend their day near her shop. “It is really sad to see these children being abused as such. Apart from labor exploitation, they are vulnerable to further crimes such sexual abuse. It is really tough to tell what might have happened to these kids,” Emebet told Addis Standard. “I usually see them standing before hotels in [groups] waiting to receive leftover food. And I am not sure of where they spend the night. I see some of the children sleeping in the street.”

    To make matters worse, many of them have lost contacts with their parents after they arrived in the capital. A terrified Biniam is one of them. Only eight years old, and sitting next to a weight scale in Lemi-Kura sub-city around CMC Michael area in Addis Abeba, Biniam was too scared to respond to questions as he fears reprisal from someone observing his activities from afar.

  2. Your response gives no evidence of “Ahmara child trafficking”. You just describe the reality of the hundreds of thousands of children living on the streets of Addis Ababa (wtf is Finfinfinfinfin??)
    You also failed to state the reasons that most of the stret children are orphans or runaways or simply desperate. Why? Because the peace nobel holder following his mothers prophecy has plunged the country in a 3+ years of bloodbath. Ethiopia now has the most internally displaced people in all Africa. Even Congo has less.


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