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“Ethiopia doesn’t have interest in fighting Somalia,” says Abiy Ahmed 

Ethiopia - Somalia
Abiy Ahmed addressing question at the parliament on February 6, 2024 (Photo Screenshot from FBC)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday appeared at the Ethiopian Parliament to answer pre-submitted questions from parliamentarians. 

He talked about domestic and international issues. In terms of domestic issues, he framed his answers in a way to demonstrate that his government has done as much as it could in Amhara and Tigray regions to address socio-economic and development issues.  Of course, he did not face any challenge. He was rather getting praise. Two crucial dissenting voices in the parliament, from the opposition quarter,  are arrested. One of them was arrested about five or so days before Abiy Ahmed’s appearance in the parliament.  Sources say he had submitted serious questions in connection with the situation in the Amhara region. 

He made a space to brag about his military might using a metaphor. He talked about who went out to hunt for a lion and ended up being devoured by the lion. Insinuating on the support militant groups have in the Amhara and Oromia region, he advised people not to “lean on fog.” 

On matters of International Affairs, he talked about Somalia and his tone was excessively pacifist. While emphasizing that his government does not have any interest in fighting against Somalia. 

“My guess is the government of Somalia does not have interest in going into conflict with Ethiopia. However, forces who have interest [ on Somalia’s conflict with Ethiopia] want to use Somalia indirectly, We are not convenient for that. We are not ready to utter anything harsh or take actions,” he said. 

Abiy Ahmed went on to say that “forces who with that to happen could do something for our Somali brothers just like they opened media for our brothers in the Diaspora. However, they can not make us fight. At least we will not fight on our part.” 

He did not name names as to who these powers are. Apparently, Egypt has been attempting to exploit the tension between Somalia and Ethiopia. Somalia President Hassan Sheik was invited to Cairo last month for an official visit. In a joint press conference, the Egyptian President conveyed a message that sounds like Somalia’s Sovereignty is violated ( by the MoU agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland) and that Egypt stands in support of Somalia. 

Ethiopia and Somaliland signed a memorandum of understanding on January 1, 2024. What was said at the time was that Somaliland was to provide Ethiopia with a 20 kilometers of coastline – which Ethiopia intends to use as a military and commercial maritime – in return for recognition for Somaliland as a sovereign state  and undisclosed percentage of share in Ethio Telecom. 

Abiy Ahmed did not remark if his government is going to recognize Somaliland as a sovereign state or as to what the fate of the next step of the Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with Somaliland. Based on disclosure from the Ethiopian government upon the signing of the MoU, the parties to the agreement were meant to finalize it within a month after signing of the MoU. 


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  1. The title of this story is either knowingly mistranslated or lost in translation. According to my reading in Oromiffaa, what the PM said was Ethiopia does not want to do any harm to or Ethiopia does not wish any harm on Somalia. To my surprise, even BBC had it right. We have to be extremely careful(if we care that is) in our choice of words whenever we report news during such volatile situation. We should do everything we can to encourage both sides to calm down and head to the negotiation table and do that in the open. Thousands of Ethiopians have sacrificed their Allah blessed lives to restore order and rehab Somalia back to life after rendering itself a certified failed state for more than 32 years. It is not completely out of the woods yet. One wrong move can take it back down the same road of wanton killings and destruction. What I would like to tell my/our dear brothers and sisters in Somalia and Eritrea is their close kin and kit in Ethiopia need a sea outlet to breath. It is utterly cruel to see their more than 120 million relatives choking and suffocating next door. If it is due to a sense of revenge, that has been carried out for more than 30 years now already with no end benefit except a false sense of self satisfaction. Self aggrandizing by assuming ‘I’m an Arab more than an African’ or ‘I’m more acclimated to feeling being as a Latino mulatto from Abruzzo or Calabria than being an African’ is just self destructive and utterly foolishness. No matter how you look at yourself, you are just as a nigger as I am!!! Ain’t gonna work for you or anyone else for that matter. The late soul legend Aretha would love to accost you with a thunderous ‘Think!!!!!’

  2. Ittu you are dreaming in a broad daylight. It doesnt matter wether you are 500 million or 2 million in population, it cant legitimize having a sea that you didnt have. Ethiopia never hard a sea and never will. The so called Ethiopia that you guys like to brag about is founded 1950s, not even that much older than Somalia. If ethiopia cant keep their little asses together they will go back to being mountain enclave aka Abyssinia.

  3. Subject: Quote: “Ethiopia doesn’t have interest in fighting Somalia,” says Abiy Ahmed: February 7, 2024” Unquote

    Humble Crisp Opinion, 8 Feb 2024
    1. Well said.

    2. One hopes that the clear statement will have depth in the positive thinking of
    Nations about Black Africans.

    3). And, it means that our dear Africa will be engulfed with peace and a road to
    tranquility and progress in the Life of Our Black Africa.

    4. That will be the DAY >>>> a reflection of the TRUE Characteristic of the AFRICAN

    5. At last, it may be the DAY that the colonial name glued to the Black African Race
    will vanish. with the wind.


    7. I hope that Africans, where ever they may be around the Globe, will heartily
    believe on the TRUE LIBERATION of BLACK AFRICAN RACE >>>> and LIVE
    accordingly with inherent richness of their Rich Continent (the envy of

    8. Dear African Readers: If you do’t believe the above it will be sadly understood in
    view of the longevity of colonialism who had absolutely no HEART
    for African Human Beings, because of their black colour skin. FULL STOP

    9. It must be pointed out that Black Africans can never have any excuse for
    their failure to achieve their NATURAL INDEPENDENT FREEDOM TO LIVE

    10. Is that too much to ask?!?!?!?!?!

    —————– THE END >>> for the time being ———–


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