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Why Ethiopian Americans must not vote for Trump

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By Addissu Admas

There is a grudge in the Ethiopian American community against this Biden Administration for its handling of the civil war in Ethiopia between the TDF (Tigray Defense Force) and the EDF (Ethiopian Defense Force) during its 2-year duration. There is a strong urge to punish the current President by voting for his opponent Donald Trump for all the perceived or real damage that his policy has wrought upon Ethiopia. However, the question for Ethiopian Americans should not be whether there should be a reckoning for the decisions taken by Biden concerning Ethiopia, but what it means to actually vote for Trump.

For some time now, the two major parties in America, the Democratic and the Republican have been growing farther and farther apart, not only in their ideologies and worldviews, but also in their methods of achieving their political goals. Since at least the so-called “Southern Realignment”, and that is the embrace of Southern states of the Republican party that began in the early sixties, there have been in essence two opposing views of America. In reality, the two views have been present, at least in a broad sense in the American polity since the early days of the Republic, but they have assumed more definite political agenda and worldviews since Ronald Reagan. While the Democratic Party is committed to the very idea of “E Pluribus Unum”, i.e. out of many one (nation); sees the future of America as multi-racial, multi-ethnic, diverse in religion and confession, etc….; is not averse to the very idea that the Republic is ever in the process of perfecting itself (consider, for example, Obama’s insistence on the idea of building a “more perfect union”). The Republican ideology is conservative in a near literal sense of the word: it is the preservation of the idea of America that must not veer too far out from its original image: i.e. prioritizing the demographic superiority and privilege of the white population (why else this panic of the brown and black invasion; the constant drumming of “building the Wall”?), maintaining its Christian, specifically protestant, tradition, and demonizing anything that smells of fair economic arrangement, etc… I do not want to fall into the facile categorization of the Republican Party as being racist, and the Democratic as being multiculturalist and progressive. However, it is very hard from the outside not to view them as such.

 I contend that if Donald Trump is re-elected again he will emerge as the most anti-African president since Richard Nixon; perhaps surpassing even Ronald Reagan, known for his outright crass racist epithets for African leaders. In Donald Trump’s worldview, the African Continent remains still the “Dark Continent” as the British used to describe it. He would not only not show any regard for our continent, but will have no qualm promoting policies that will ultimately be very damaging to us. Let us not forget what he said about African Countries, and what he obliquely suggested to Abdel Fatah El-Sisi concerning the GERD, the largest dam on the African continent. In fairness to Trump, he is as ignorant of Africa as he is of the world. However, the people who want to re-elect him are not enamored by his wisdom, knowledge or enlightened political or economic agenda, but by his desire to preserve an America that is slipping away from their grasp: and that is white and Christian. That is why they shamelessly want to see in him a God sent leader to save America from the heathen and degenerate Democrats. His un-exemplary lifestyle and his abysmal ignorance does not bother them one whit. Southern so-called Christians shamelessly compare him to King David, the biblical figure, who, despite his sinful ways, is considered an anointed of God.  They do not want to accept the reality that America must and will change regardless of their resistance. Not only because the demographic trend states clearly so, but successful survival requires change and adaptation, even for a country like the United States. Obviously, the Republican Party embodies the worst instinctive tendencies of humanity: tribalism, sectarianism, illiberalism, cutthroat capitalism, etc… If one tries to convince us that there is another Republican party struggling to emerge, I consider him or her delusional since this tendency has always been there, it simply found the person to make it a reality without shame. 

I am not advocating that Ethiopian Americans vote for Biden, or for that matter, for the Democratic Party. My message is simply not to vote for Trump, who not only violates everything that stands for decency, is abhorrently ignorant, but will also negate our very humanity, and stands against our rightful and legal place in America if he is voted into office. Voting for him tantamount to voting against our fundamental rights and our citizenship. It means reducing our own selves to second-class citizenship. 

Sometime ago, it was suggested that Trump not being a sophisticated politician could be manipulated into being co opted for our Ethiopian cause. I think this is, besides being delusional, goes against a fundamental ethical point. Using an unethical person for one’s perceived benefit is beyond repugnant.  It is no different than trying to achieve our political ends by hiring a criminal. As it is, Donald Trump and his millions of supporters stand in diametrical opposition to what we most profoundly desire as human beings and citizens. Not only do we wish to remain full citizens of the United States of America, but we want to be on the part of justice by promoting inclusion, democratic ideals and norms, rule of law, racial and religious peaceful coexistence and the promotion of economic plain level field. All things repudiated by Trump and his supporters.  

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  1. One must be blind or demented to vote for Trump (I often vote for Republican party). Trump is lawless and amoral, if not outright evil. Extolling Hitler and making fun of “shit-hole” countries is nothing short of cruel and insane. He already told you in so many words that “immigrants” are not welcome in White America. He had begun implementing a racist immigration policy with the Jewish Stephen Miller in charge. He has continued talking in public to his constituency about protecting “white blood” from being polluted! Think about that for a moment.

    Ethiopians who adhere to the Christian faith ought to be alarmed. Someone like Trump for whom lying is “normal” and who engages in destroying reputation of women, children, people with disability, people from different cultures languages color and creed ought to be opposed. Trump has no regard for human life (as we saw covid claim nearly 2 millions lives). Trump would have you believe he is against abortion (only because abortion is an issue for whites whose birthrate has been plummeting over the decades) and against healthcare, housing, etc for the poor. He is for shooting blacks who steal from a store on the spot (how lawless can one be).

    I would never trust Trump with my daughter or my money. He has been referring to himself as Savior of Israel, and more recently as Messiah! That is the spirit of the anti-Christ! White evangelicals (most of whom are ignorant of scripture) are busy twisting the Word of God to advance their white supremacist agenda. In shot, christian nationalism is not christian. ዘረኝነት እየተባባሰ ነው፤ ከዚህ ቀደም የማስታውሳቸው ሁለት ወገኖቻችን አንደኛው ሲያትል ላይ በነጭ ዘረኞች ተገድሏል። የትረምፕ ሥልጣn ላይ መውጣት ባለፉት ስድስት ዓመታት በአሜሪካ ግዛቶች ትልቅ ጥላቻን ቀስቅሷል፤ ቀድሞ በድብቅ የነበረን ጥላቻ አደባባይ አውጥቶታል። አንዳንዶቻችን በምንገኝባቸው አካባቢዎች በምሽት በመኪና የማንሄድባቸው መንገዶች አሉ። የአገሬ ሰው ለራስህ እና ለዘመድህ እወቅበት!

    • Shit hole countries should be made fun of.

      Store owners should have the right to defend their property from thieves.

      No, no one should be allowed to steal (how racist of you to profile all blacks as thieves. Tisk, tisk).

      You wish Trump would even look at your daughter.

      Anyone with money did tremendously well under Trump. I know I did. Get your wallet up.

      Stay sober.

  2. Horrible article due to oversimplification of current US politics. Just a waste of time to read. Author is WAY out of touch. Ethiopians are inherently conservative in both culture and world view and thus tend to align with Republicans once the misconstrued notions of racism are out of the way. As such, Ethiopians have a substantial Republican voting percentage that voted for Trump both times he ran, and will do so again this year.

    Spoiler alert for the spineless author and Democrat voters. Democrats are exceedingly racist. If you vote for that party under any notion that you will be saved by Democrat policies and spared racism, think again. You are nothing more than voting cattle to keep those white supremacists like Feinstein and Pelosi in power. And let’s not forget you will be giving the g@ys and tr@ns validity. Also, most importantly, Democrats are open mercenaries for countries that hate Ethiopia (Susan Rice, Obama, Menendez, Ilhan Omar). So the Trump fear mongering in this article is both unfounded and simply untrue.

    As you were.

    • menelik +, You seem to have not read the above article in its entirety. That says a lot about you. The writer had advised, “I am not advocating that Ethiopian Americans vote for Biden, or for that matter, for the Democratic Party.”

      I do agree with both you and the writer that Biden is bad, Obama is a bummer; I will need to invent new words for Susan Rice (lover of tyrants) and such. I also agree with you that Democrats are no less racists than Republicans. At least Republicans tell you like it is; Democrats, on the other hand, are hypocrites wanting to ride to victory on the backs of minority groups. When politics gets tight the first Democrats dispose of is the poor (in favor of Wall Street).

      Problem is this; politics is never black and white. It takes navigating a treacherous terrain, negotiating dangerous curves. My problem with Republicans (there are no Republicans really, only Trump) is this meshing of christian nationalism with white supremacist politics. Think of Wahabist Saudi or any number of Sharia law nations. Once a leader becomes a savior and messiah with a following there is bound to be real problem ahead. We’ve already experienced it in 2020. Followers are willing to go to jail, to pay Trump’s bills for his lawlessness, and even die for him. Can you believe this is happening in this United States in the 21st century? I would be voting for Republicans if Trump is removed off the ballot and Nikki Haley becomes the presumptive nominee.

      Two other statements need correction: 1/ that “Ethiopians have a substantial Republican voting percentage that voted for Trump both times he ran” is yet another misleading and unsubstantiated statement. There is what we call fact-check. And you have to produce the evidence, please. 2/ “Ethiopians are inherently conservative in both culture and world view and thus tend to align with Republicans” is rubbish. Conservatism in Ethiopia is very different from those in America in terms of individual and community behavior and religiosity! Ethiopian-Americans literally inhabit a separate community far removed from both Democrats and Republicans. I am embarrassed by your misjudgment. Majority Ethiopian-Americans are interested in what impacted their lives directly: immigration (family reunion), hourly wage, healthcare, police brutality, their ethnic community (Orthodox, protestant churches. I am also shocked you failed to notice that today’s Republicanism has skidded off the rail of true conservatism (I am not saying this; simply quoting Reaganites, the Bushes, the Cheneys, etc.

      ps: I don’t think you realize both Democrats and Republicans (not in equal portions of course) are for and against abortion, gender rights, immigration, expanding prison system, etc.

      • Your emotional drivel disgusts me. Need “evidence”? Don’t be lazy. If you want to debunk something, the burden of proof is on you.

        But since you are lazy, here ya go:

        -The New American Economy (NAE), The Latino Coalition, and the American Principles in Action Latino Partnership released a new report analyzing the social and political views held by the 18.6 million immigrant citizens in America. The report, “Shared Values: How Immigrants Align with the Republican and Democratic Parties on Social Values Issues,” suggests that neither political party can take the immigrant vote for granted. Fifty percent of foreign-born voters do not identify with either political party. For those who do identify with a political party, many skew more conservative than their native-born counterparts. Among those who identify as Democrats, 24 percent hold conservative views, as opposed to 11 percent of U.S.-born Democrats.

        -Conservatives believe in God, believe there is a heaven, believe there is hell, feel spiritually at peace, go to Church, and pray at significantly higher rates than Democrats.

        -Immigrants flood conservative states such as Texas and Florida, who with California make up the top 3 states of international migrant recipients. Both Texas and Florida are bastions of the Republican Party.

        -Business owners and property owners vote Republican at a much higher rate than Democrat. Yes, that means your local Ethiopian Queen of Sheba or Nile restaurant owner likely votes for Trump.

        -Voters who have strong views on family values vote Republican over Democrat.

        The ^above^ are essentially copy/pastes from sources such as Gallup, Pew Research Center, and more. No I did not include links because you can and should have provided your own evidence promoting your sensationally false claims that essentially boil down to “Ethiopians are Democrats”. Or like Biden said to the slaves, “If you ain’t vote for me you ain’t Black.”

        For my own personal evidence, I have over 250 direct family members in the US. We live in California, Washington state, DC, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, and more. Family is evenly split on white collar (doctors, pharmacists, finance, engineering) and blue collar (house flippers, taxi drivers, airport workers) jobs. Most family is Orthodox, some practicing some not not, while we have 2 active priests, some Protestants, a pastor, and a few atheists. We vote overwhelmingly Republican and have been since at least the mid-2000s. We voted for Trump both times and will make that 3 on the upcoming election. Democrats disgust us and we have nothing positive to say about Carter, Clinton(s), Obama, and Biden or anyone affiliated with their administrations. We could not care less about black rights this or immigrant rights that because we all came to the US legally at a massive cost and expect others to do the same. No hand outs.

        Keep promoting a victim mentality while voting to protect tr@nnies, genders, and g@ys. The article is garbage and so is your post.

        • Your tantrum isn’t going to sub for substance. My plan was to out you, that’s all. Your “drivel” is without merit. You could be a supporter of Trump (“who believes in God, believes there is a heaven, believes there is hell, feels spiritually at peace, goes to Church, and prays at significantly higher rates than Democrats.” That’s your prerogative. All I am asking is that you be sensible. Btw, Have you ever considered why immigrants from Latin countries gravitate towards states with the highest Latino population (Texas, Calif, Florida)? Next time you visit Ethiopian restaurant, order a misto. Know what a misto is? It is the kind of statements you keep making. Then you’ll be able to figure out the difference b/n “likely” and “certainly.” Calm down. Drink a glass of cold water.

          • Cold water is bad for you. Ethiopian, American, and proud Trump voter along with most Ethiopians in my community and my family. Ethiopians are not a monolith. Neither are immigrants, nor black people. You sound like the liberal racists from a time gone by that are now trying to prove they are cool by supporting g@ys and tr@nnies. Get with the issues of today, oldie. You and the article’s author should stop being lazy and come up with your own ideas rather than spouting typical Democrat talking points. The amount of fellating is disgusting. Your family would be disgusted. As is, you are providing nothing unique.

            • I got news for you. Nobel peace award presented to Aby Ahmed was by lgbtq. Aby govt and Berhanu Nega, both minority ethnics hiding behind Oromo, just accepted Sodom in Ethiopia while other African countries refused. Aby and Co are not independent serving Ethiopians, they are hired by foreigners, Tplf and Shabia. Remove Berhanu Nega the Ehapa, Aby and co who have agenda of their own, reducing Oromo and Amara population. Aby and Co are hiding behind Oromo. Creating rift between Oromo and Amara. Aby is beautifying Addis, unnecessary hotel building, etc to createore Sodom of Ethiopian children so Arabs and other foreigners can come to Ethiopia to rape Ethiopian children!

            • Your response for the article is a reflective of your inherent arrogance which is short of telling your opinion in civility. You may get advantage financially, and this means you are open to compromise your right for financial gain. Do you really accept “shit hole countries ” a joke? Keep your opinion for yourself and if it fits you it doesn’t mean for others. I

  3. Whether you like it or not Trump is heading to be the final nominee of the Republican Party for the next general and presidential election. With the Biden Administration being at odds with Israel on a few occasions, that may hurt Biden in the next election. Let’s not forget that there were more than 74 million citizens who cast their votes for Trump in 2020. The question is how many of those 84 million citizens who voted for Biden will still remain loyal to him in November? The events that will influence the votes between now and then will be very interesting to watch for. There are the age question and the Kamala factor that may weigh heavy on some voters. It is going to be a finger biting situation all the way to the first Tuesday in November 2024. Among my voting years of almost 5 decades this one is the most exciting one for me. Who I vote for is my own business and not anyone else’s. My vote is one of my priceless possessions.

  4. Trump is a savior for his country, at list he tried and did some major things for his country in those 4 years. He might disappoint others, like he said who cares if our country is in a very dangerous stage after leading the world for 80 years, after being able to borrow 33 trillion dollars from itself (what a privilege) now world is looking the other way for lots of reasons. China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran has become the biggest adversaries ever in a way the country will face lots of financial and military push back going forward unless a person like Trump show up and deal with it before it is too late. There is lack of knowledge even in the US civilized society regarding the true status of our world. Overconfidence in everything is involved and it might hurt. My suggestion is yes Try Trump again then the war in Ukraine stops before crossing to NATO then you know…., before China invade Taiwan then US is dragged to a major war with China, before middle east change forever etc.

    Trump is for people who understand why America is special for the past 80 years and for people who can forecast the next 10, 20 or 30 years…. I take Trump with all his stupid remarks about Africa or any nation than the other old man who is pushing the risk every day in a way the world could collapse. As much as Trump sounds aggressive the world was safer in those 4 years if you remember, lots of battles closed, no one invaded anyone except our TPLF gang and Trump told them STOP misleading the world while you do evil s**t…. Joe showed up and put sanctions on Ethiopia for fighting back the evil TPLF? Lots of people in the US claim that they are Christian without following any Christian rules, If God loves America, he will bring back Trump.

    Enem seleten lewhite house asgebalew…

  5. Dear idiots, no U.S govt Democrat or Republican care about foreign policy or Ethiopia. When it comes to foreign policy, they are the same. It does not matter. What diaspora can do is find politicians that they can negotiate with. What do you negotiate? Do you think they can give to you Ethiopia without any condition? Aby govt and Tplf is giving them what they wanted. It is all deception. Remove Berhanu Nega, Siltes, Aby, Tplf and Shabia from power asap! Berhanu Nega is the extension of Ehapa that has alliance with Tplf and Shania. The power is now like minority Tigray, is under Siltes.

  6. Right now, the average blue collar type of Ethiopians are a target for racial profiling, for their faith, world and political views. Other immigrants from Latin and other parts of Africa are getting more privilege than Ethiopians in U.S.

  7. Americans are smart. You might think they are divided by politics, but their base is not divided. What they are working on is restoring the disruption. They are using the useful idiots, ” diversity” to protect them by giving the diversity incentives. In reality, the diversity is the gate keepers of the oppressors


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