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Ethiopia Merhabete: Fano battling gov’t troops in North Shoa 

Merhabete _ Fano _ Ethiopian News
Merhabete town (PD/file)


Toronto – Fighting between Fano and government troops was reported in Merhabete North Shoa, Amhara region. The fighting is said to have started on Saturday and has entered its third day, according to Ethiopian Media Service (EMS) which cited sources from the area. 

Merhabete had been under Fano forces for at least a few months now until it was recaptured by government troops last week. Based on reports, they sent to the area a large number of reinforcements including paratroopers. Fano forces say they had to withdraw from the town to avoid civilian causality, as has been the case before in other parts of the Amhara region after government forces resorted to indiscriminate heavy weaponry shelling. 

However, Fano forces seem to be optimistic about retaking the city. EMS reported that they are still fighting from different directions to retake Merabete.  Efforts to reach out to Fano leaders were not a success due to the ongoing battle, the source added. 

Meanwhile, the Defense Force made claims that it had eliminated Lema Teju Gebre Tekle. 

“Ato Lema Teju Gebre Tekle who used to be the political and propaganda head of the group that calls itself Fano In North Shoa Zone Merhabete district is shot with his collaborators in Zoma Mountain which is located in Alem Ketema,” the Defense Force said in its news update attributing it to Let. Colonel Matheos Madebo, Deputy Commander of the Airborne Division of the Defense Force. 

Defense said an offensive was launched as the “group” makes a move to capture Alem town. 

The statement from the Defense Force, which was shared on its Facebook page, said Lema Teju was a branch manager of Abyssinia and Awash Banks before he joined Fano forces in the region in 2023. 

The number of casualties on both sides is unspecified. 

The government Communications Ministry has not remarked on the incident in Northern Shoa. 

In a related development, the North Wollo area of the Amhara region experienced fighting between Fano and government forces over the weekend. It happened on Saturday in Mengolo locality when Kolla Korma bridge of Fano ambushed military camion carrying government soldiers carrying hundreds of forces and their commanders.  EMS reported that there were hours of exchange of fire following the ambush incident. Fano has said dozens of government soldiers have been killed but the number is unspecified. 

The state of emergency that ended last month is extended by four months. 


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  1. This broadcast comes to directly from the battlefronts in Amhara nation.
    The gallant fighters of Fano had laid siege on several military camps around Gondar, Dessie, Dejen, Waldiya, Sela Dingay, Alem Ketema and Gundo Meskel. After fierce battles that raged for three days the Fano fighter had put 56,287 soldiers out of actions and captured 168,323 other soldiers. They also captured:
    35 T-72 tanks
    42 APC’s
    25 108mm howitzers
    33 surface to surface missiles
    53 NSV heavy machine guns
    367 RPG’s
    Thousands of AK-47’s(still being counted)

    After being given political briefings the most of the captured soldiers had decided to join the Fano army.
    Victory is with reach at last!

    Zeraf ene yekoso shiat lij! Zeraf Guwaya Yeseberew Lij! Zeraf, Zeraf yeteqil ashker! Zeraf!!!!


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