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Ethiopian Gov’t extended State of Emergency

Ethiopia State of Emergency
Tagesse Chafo, Speaker of House of representative (left) and Gedeon Timoteos, Minister for Justice (right) (Photo : screenshot from FBC video)


The Ethiopian Parliament on Friday extended the State of Emergency that was imposed in the Amhara region of Ethiopia in August 2023. It is extended for another four months.

Fana Broadcasting, State Media, reported that Gedion Timoteos, Minister For Justice, appeared in the parliament to explain why extending it was needed.

His government thinks that “there are still works that are not completed and that the state of emergency was extended in consideration of the tendencies in other regions as well.” Yesterday, Ethiopia’s Communication Affairs Minister released a statement criticizing the government in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Based on reports from other sources, there were two opposition and three abstentions in parliament. A day before the “special parliamentary meeting”, the Abiy Ahmed’s government arrested Dessalegn Chane, an opposition member of parliament from Amhara region who was known for confronting the Prime Minister in the parliament to the point of asking him to step down – which is unusual in Ethiopia given the democratic space in the country.

Earlier this week, government soldiers unleashed an unprecedented civilian massacre in Merawi, Gojam, where hundreds of people were massacred after government forces went house to house to retaliate against the Fano military operation on Monday. There are also reports of extensive rape cases.

The Ethiopian government believes, as the Minister for Justice made a case for the extension of the state of emergency, that the state of emergency “protected the Amhara region and the constitutional order in the country.” The Minister for Justice also said that it enabled “resumption of flights to the region.”

Watch State media report below.

Video : embedded from FBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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