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Ethiopian gov’t says it has collected $2 billion in remittance over six months 

Ethiopia Remittance Diaspora


The Ethiopian government claims that it has collected US$2 billion in remittances over the past six months. 

FBC, state-owned media, on Thursday, cited Ethiopian Diaspora Service to report that it was possible to collect the stated amount of revenue due to “follow up” and “Support” work to increase remittance to the country. 

The government is claiming at a time when Ethiopians in the Diaspora are intensifying opposition to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government in connection with the war his government is making in different parts of Ethiopia.  There has been an active social media campaign by Diaspora activists mobilizing Ethiopians living abroad to use alternative ways of transferring money to Ethiopia. 

Mohammed Endris, Director of the Diaspora Service, is cited as saying that 100,119 diaspora members have opened a bank account in the country and deposited over 1.5 million birr. 

The government is also saying that it has allocated land to 210 projects owned by Diaspora members with 17 billion birr registered capital. 

The Ethiopian government has been facing foreign currency shortages. In December 2023, Abiy Ahmed’s government failed to make a $33 million debt payment, causing Ethiopia to default on its debt for the first time in its history. 


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